New Earth Eternal Site

Earth Eternal has a new site, with a better look and more information. It still has the waving mushroom.

If WoW is too cartoony for you, this is a step in the wrong direction (see the screenshots). If you like the free-to-play/pay model, this is a step in the right direction (see FAQ 27). This is aiming at the MMO space that Wizard 101 and Runes of Magic are currently seeking to occupy in the Western market. The game does not look revolutionary or even particularly innovative, but it could be a fun take on the standard MMO-Diku play. It makes the good decision of letting you play through a browser or a downloadable client.

My interest in the game is significantly based on respect for Matt Mihaly and the expectation that they will bring something interesting to market. Also, my wife and I like bunnies and bears and badgers. Checking our archives, I see a two-year gap in mentioning the game since its announcement, which goes well with my recent plan of not caring about anything more than a month from release. I thought it would be out in 2008; they are currently planning on 2009; I will mention it again a month before you can actually see it (say, open beta).

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “New Earth Eternal Site”

  1. This game fits my rule that for an MMO to be a success it needs ample opportunity for simulated furry sex to occur. WoW had druids able to shapeshift into bears and cats: huge success. Age of Conan had the Bear Shaman, which was a bear in name only: no success.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve irrefutably proved my point.

  2. “The game does not look revolutionary or even particularly innovative”

    I have to disagree.

    1. Groves. Customizable zones that your house is in. Terraforming at will to build the environment you want. A tileset of sorts to make mountains, rivers, and populate it with wildlife.

    2. “refasioning” of armor. Say you really love a level 15 set of armor but you’re level 50 and have that ugly fire resistant set? No problem. “Match” the level 50 set to look exactly like the level 15 armor you love the look of so much. The days of running around town and seeing everyone your same level wearing the same robes / armor are GONE. Style has arrived.

    3. Earth of the future to explore after the fall of man. Discover the buildings and monuments that still stand and see what secrets lie within.

    4. How’s this for innovation? A fully free, fully 3D game that has wow simular graphics, yet runs INSIDE a browser. A free web based game is either flat panels or horrible 2d sprites or chunky 3d polys like runescape. This fully 3D browser game will raise the bar on free to play browser games!

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