Epic quest 2.3.9, “We Cannot Get Out,” is one of the most fun session play instances: you play a dwarf champion with ridiculous stats, and you slaughter many orcs. The quest also has a recurring bug: the NPCs you click to advance/leave the instance break. You cannot get out.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Irony”

  1. A well known bug. That has been my favorite session play so far. I love where the objective is ‘die by taking out as many orcs as you can to make your last stand worthy of legend.’

  2. I’m with Ravious, it’s a great session… when it works.

    I just loved trying to exit via the 1st Hall, only to see the ominous glow coming towards me.

    The final fight against the Orcs is truly epic, even if Mazog is a dirty cheater!

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