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Reminiscing with Syncaine about Syndicate (that’s a nice pair of Syns) on my previous post reminded me about those games that urgently need to be made again for the enjoyment of today’s spoiled achievement and gamer card generation.

– The aforementioned Syndicate, because it was godly fun. A squad of four cybernetically-enhanced agents packing miniguns in a dense urban area? Sign me up.
– Crusader: No Remorse. Just think of all that property damage riding on top of a modern engine with physics and particle systems. Yum.
– X-COM (Or UFO: Enemy Unknown, depending on which side of the pond you are): Because it was one of the greatest games ever  and pretty much the noble granddaddy of the tactical squad games.
-Paradroid. I don’t expect you whippersnappers to know what I’m talking about, but running around as a robot in a derelict spaceship hacking and assimilating other robots to stay alive was way too much fun.
– System Shock. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. I wouldn’t mind it one bit if someone remade System Shock 2 either.
– Deus Ex. No, don’t tell me about Invisible War. That was a bad sequel. The original Deus Ex was fraggin’ lightning in a bottle that needs to be caught again. At any cost.
– Ultima V. I know I’m getting into tenebrous territory here, but Ultima V was to me one of the high points of the series. I’m not getting into arguments about which one is better.
– Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. A dark horse in this list. Did everything right, this one. Later installments were hit or miss.
– Carmaggeddon. Good luck getting this done in today’s saccharinized society.
– Supercars 2. An awesome, awesome little top down racer with violent vehicles.
– Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Often imitated, never surpassed.
– Elite. And no, don’t tell me I can play EVE for my Elite fix because it’s not the same and you damn well know it. Also, while I’m at it, I’d just like to mention that Frontier was better than most people gave it credit for. It just had a ton of bugs. Still, remaking Elite (and remaking it properly that is) is a tall order.

I also want my very own magical pony and a Secret of Monkey Island MMO. There, I said it.

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  1. /quote
    -Elite: It just had a “ton” of bugs.

    hmmm, I hope that’s an exaggeration?

    One of the bugs I enjoyed was the confusion it had between the surface of a planet and the ship that you were flying in manual mode, heh heh.

    An example I can think of that wasn’t so much fun was flying the big transport “Panther” into a dock and ‘always’ bashing the side walls :(

    but I do think a ton of is a slight exaggeration…

  2. Carmaggeddon? Aww, how did I love that game! I still remember when I was doing a stunt racing over a ramp and landing right on top of a pedestrian splattering him to gory (big-pixeled) pieces — which I only realized when the recorded demo of it was suddenly played back because it was so awesome =D Sweet memories…

  3. I totally agree about X-Com, especially a new version with new graphics but with the rest of the game totally untouched. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken, I’d say.

  4. By the way, by “tons of bugs” I was referring to Frontier, not Elite. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

  5. Lots of good times with Tony Hawk 2…

    I’d like to see Lords of the Realm 2 remade. Perhaps I’ll put that on my list of things to do once I’m done with this game.
    I just loved the Turn Based Resource Management and Unit Movement then the RTS Battles and Castle Sieging… I haven’t found another game to date that does it (and don’t you DARE say LotR3)!

  6. I’m with you on syndicate, and i was hooked on it, but i’ve never been hooked on anything like i was hooked on X-com. I even got attached to the soldiers, and was saddened when they died. My fault for naming them.

  7. I’d like to point out that X-COM was the remake, with the original being Laser Squad. Same designer (Julian Gollop). AFAIK it was supposed to be the sequel until Microprose rebranded it.

    And then, after all of the sequels, it was remade again in 2002 as an online game: Laser Squad Nemesis. It’s still available, so really, no other remake required at the moment when you can support the original designer. =P

    I’d like to see another Syndicate. Syndicate Wars was a bit of a letdown but was at least fun for LAN play. What I’d really prefer though is for Peter Molyneuax to remake PowerMonger, because the old cramped window graphics just don’t hold up now but the gameplay would still be revolutionary.

  8. I have many, many fond memories of playing Crusader: No Remorse. If anything is ripe for turning into an FPS or similar game it is that.

    Dang! Now I want to play that game again.

  9. As an aside, if you’re itching for a *good* tactical squad game you can always check Silent Storm. It’s fantasy WWII, nothing to do with X-COM, but it’s another one of those “loved” games. Ridiculous voice acting, but oh well. Tight gameplay and yummy destructible environments.

    It should even run great on modern rigs (it was a sluggy pig when it came out)

  10. Frontier is still the best space game out there. Wish they get the Outsider done so they can start working on finishing Elite 4. :)

  11. Oh, I would love to see a proper sequel to Deus Ex. They are working on a Deus Ex 3 and supposedly they are attempting to address some of the failings of the second game. Like by making it fun, among other things. And no more universal ammo. And hopefully by having zones that are a little larger than five feet across. And maybe by not having EVERY single obstacle have a grate in the wall you can crawl through to bypass. Oh, I could go on all day.

    I agree, the first Deus Ex was pure genius. I hope they can manage to recreate that magic in the third installment.

  12. Unfortunately I haven’t played a majority of these classics but I do agree about THPS2.

    One game that is too seldom mentioned in lists like this is Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. I think this is arguably one of the best Star Wars games ever made and was incredibly innovative at the time with its sense of scale and level design. Moreover, while Half Life often gets the credit for ushering in user made content/mods in games, Dark Forces 2 did it first and was written in such a way as to make scripting and art assets easily moddable without having to do any true coding. People could, and did, make entire RPGs and other total conversions, not withstanding the plethora of user created single player campaigns, multiplayer maps, and texture packs. It was all incredible fun and would be just as much so today if its first gen DirectX, 1998 era graphics were given a new coat of paint.

  13. Paradroid really brings back some immensely pleasant childhood Commodore 64 memories. That, and Wizball. Evidently as a young’un I enjoyed trippy games with lots of flashing lights.

  14. Paradroid… Back in the day, when all my friends had Amigas, I had an ST. They had all the games. I had, like, 3. But I also had a single cherished cover floppy from a British ST gaming mag with a demo of Paradroid 90. So, after labouring all day in the mines and eating but a small bowl of thin gruel, Paradroid would light my nights. Or something like that. Good times… Bring them (and it) back.

    Oh, and @Werit, if you like spreadsheets, try X. Or if you like playing games that require user mods to make them playable, play X. Or if you like games where one aspect has been refined to the n-th degree, but *everything* else has been overlooked (UI, story, balancing, UI), then play X.

  15. X is a big single player sandbox, although I have not tried out the latest in the series, Terran Conflict. It isn’t perfect of course :)

  16. Syndicate was amazing because of how open-ended it was regarding most missions. You could mind control a bunch of random people, arm them up by killing cops, and then have your zombie hordes do your dirty work. You could then jump in a car and plow them all down. The whole research/upgrade system also worked great.

    Ultima V is also my favorite Ultima game. (likely because it’s the one I played the most on my C64) Many of the things Ultima V did well UO would later go on and do as well. The ending to that game was also fantastic, assuming you brought the right item :)

    Out of all the recent remakes, I think only Fallout 3 is a good addition to a classic series.

  17. Yes yes yes! Somebody else than my own self remembers Lords of the Realm as an excellent game!

    SimCity could also do with a remake – one that keeps the fun and the complexity, plskthnx.

    Other than that, good list, few additions to be made. Maybe a proper remake for Nether Earth?

  18. You worked on Crusader? *double thumbs up*

    And I don’t want a magic pony MMO. I want a magic pony, period. I’ll name her “Peaches”, she can fly and together we’ll go to magical realms of whimsical adventure.

  19. Hell yeah Thorkel… if it worked on Vista I’d still be playing it… regretfully, it does not. However, I have a Win98 computer at home specifically so I can boot up and reference that game for when I remake it.

    …I’ll just have to call it something different…

  20. Back to Paradroid a second:

    I’m pulling some more memories from back there. I distinctly remember being like “what the heck is the point of grabbing a droid in the high 700s? They move so slowly and are complete wimps.

    That being said, I hated 999 because not only was it strong, but even if you took it over and didn’t destroy it, you could only hold control for like 1-2 minutes D:

  21. I hear you on the whole Elite thing – why is it that no other game has been able to replicate its free flying awesomeness? Most other space games, including the X series, is a group of boxes/rooms linked by jump/warp tunnels and the space is just filled with rocks and tin cans (stations). I know the X series has a huge pile o’ fans and I’m sorry if I upset you all, but I find the series insipid and uninspiring – incomprehensible user interface, poor plotting, bad voice acting, needing to play for days on end to get a financial empire up and running. It has real pretty graphics but I’m always bored or frustrated playing it.

    The best alternative I’ve found while waiting for Elite 4 (which I still suspect will end up being vapourware) is a game called Evochron Legends. Its a one man made indy ‘lone wolf’ space sim. With plenty of freedom, seemless universe (ie: no boxes) and planetary landing. I’ve been enjoying it even though it has a steep learning curve. Its only a 50Mb download for the demo/full game (a key unlocks it to the full game – demo is time limited) You can find out more here:

    As far as I know a Russian mob is doing a spiritual successor to Carmageddon called Armageddon Riders. I don’t know much about it but I saw it on Rock Paper Shotgun here:

  22. Heya,

    Agree with you wanting remakes of all those games, if your looking for a remake of Transport Tycoon, why not try it’s an open source remake! Ive done a few new graphics for it, but the community is huge so there’s always new stuff for the game!

  23. I think Tony Hawk skateboarding in the white house was absolutly amazing. I guys if you and old fart you would see it as repulsive. I wish i could grind on Obamas dinner table,lol.

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