Goat Chopper

I seem to be getting a lot of money in Lord of the Rings Online lately.  I think it is mostly that I have few things to spend it on, and between slayer deeds, black dye profiteering, and hard mode runs, I am racking it in more than ever.  Which leads me to the ultimate buyable (not auctionable) item in Moria… the Nimble Redhorn-Goat.

This caprine pile of fur and pockets weighs in at a decent 6 gold and some change.  For many players this is a drop in the bucket.  For casual players, like me, this will take most everything.  But, this is not the issue because the money will come back and the elves in Lothlorien abhor cash in order to use twig and berries to barter.

The problem is I can’t use my horse in Moria (decrees Tolkien), but I can use a goat in Moria and under the sky.  If it were merely an unlockable skill, which Zubon discussed earlier, there would be no discussion.  But, with a bag full of status potions, legendary items, traveling rations, maps, hope tokens, and random crafting materials, it feels like it is a decision.

I suppose I have plenty of options.  Hoof it (colloquially) in Moria and use my horse elsewhere.  Hoof it (literally) in Moria and carry my horse too.  Stuff one of the hoofers into the bank vault.  Retire my dapple gray.  Etc.

The big things against buying a goat is that the travel system in Moria is very good and the mobs are packed tightly in the narrow stone halls.  Buying the beast feels a little superfluous.  Sure, it might be nice to dodge past fungus-filled trolls or cross the 300 m back to the quest hub, but I have gotten so used to 35-45 silver rides where I high five a warg-rider on my way to the depths that the control might shake things up a little too much.  Plus, goat eyes were not meant for this world.

seventeen dollars and a good watch

3 thoughts on “Goat Chopper”

  1. I’m almost at 55 now, and still nowhere close to getting what my kin refers to as the “good” goats. But I think of it more as something for post-Moria. With summonings, travel routes, and the heavy mob density… there’s just not too many times where I’d NEED a mount.

    But, the second I can, I’ll be shelling out that 6g.

  2. Darned right about the goat eyes. They make me cringe. Perhaps in my subconscious I realize that one day we will be bowing to our new Caprine Overlords.

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