A Legend Passes On…

Tuesday, one of the co-creators of Dungeons & Dragons, Dave Arneson, sucumbed to his ultimate battle with cancer.   Mr. Arneson is unquestionably a legend, having in his short 61 years, influenced and touched the lives of millions of faithful fans.  His brain child, D&D is one of the most popular and successful fantasy franchises in history, and the MMO industry draws more from his work than any other source.

Lets celebrate his life and his contributions to our culture by leaving comments related to D&D.  Share a great story or adventure, share how the game influenced you, or just leave a simple Thank You below.


2 thoughts on “A Legend Passes On…”

  1. I created Slain by Elf to chronicle stories from my RPG group, because of the fun I have had playing D&D. D&D has been a cornerstone of my social life for many years and I am thankful.

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