The City of Heroes power Super Jump is a more entertaining method of travel than anything in any other game.

Competing claim: Inertial Reduction is an area effect Super Jump, letting everyone bounce like Gummi Bears, but that awesomeness is mitigated by its having a minute-long duration and requiring re-application.

: Zubon

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  1. Agreed.

    I got Teleportation on my first CoH char because that seemed unstoppable. This was at release when Teleportation turned out to be much less than advertised (and insanely power draining).

    My next char was a jumper, never looked back.

    My villians can fly though…

  2. My first character had Super Jump, and it really was a blast. Since then, though, I’ve generally opted for everything else. Flight (generally my least favourite form) gets added to a lot of melee characters who end up with Air Superiority. Villains or anything with Kinetics can get away with Super Speed. I prefer Teleport for defense & control sets for the utility it provides. But, for entertainment value, I agree that nothing gives the combination of freedom and a feeling of speed that Super Jump does.

  3. My first super was melee and had Super Jump. It was lots of fun leaping into the middle of a group of low level enemies and start wailing on them.

    My second super was a Blaster and had Flight. It was much easier, and meant that I could lay into enemies from range, and not often have to worry about simply running up to me.

    I certainly had more fun with Super Jump, though. It’s a bit like Spidey’s web-slinging, especially with the inherent directional control.

  4. Darn it I just got flight for my very first major travel power and now you tell me there is something even more fun?

  5. I LOVE super jump. Plus its the pathway to acrobatics so that my blaster won’t get knocked over all the time.

    But there is a lot of fun factor in teleportation – well at least until you run out of power 500 feet up. I wish they would tone that down a bit.

  6. I enjoyed Super Jump quite a bit (though my memory on it is definitely really fuzzy). I’ve got to mention though, since you said any other game, doesn’t Left for Dead have some crazy ass Zombie jumping crap? I saw a video once (haven’t played it) of people flying 5 zillion feet in the air after jumping from the street to a tree to a skyscraper to a bigger tree and then maneuvering in air towards an enemy player, landing on them, and then eating them. That sounds pretty amazing too.

  7. I picked Super Jump on all my dominators so I could get to Acrobatics. Super Speed is not that fun in villain zones and fly is a bit so-and-so since most somewhat high damage powers on doms are melee or short range.

    Teleport is my second preference though and I use it on a couple of non-dom characters.

  8. Heh that power probably had as much to do with me subscribing to the game as the rest of it. I just love bounding all over the place. The first time I ever got to the top of the Atlas statue for the badge using super jump was pretty entertaining. I did nothing else for about an hour trying to figure out how to get to the top.

  9. “Inertial Reduction is an area effect Super Jump, letting everyone bounce like Gummi Bears, but that awesomeness is mitigated by its having a minute-long duration and requiring re-application.”

    …but the awesomeness could be recovered if they added the appropriate sound effects to anyone suffering a mid-air power expiration… the Goofy Holler for example.

  10. Every MMO, whether Super Hero themed or not, should come up with some sort of magical excuse to include it as a power ability. =P

  11. Random Poster: I did that! I was so pleased with myself when I got up there with just SJ.

    I like having different characters with different travel powers, even if SJ is certainly my favorite. You really get different views of the zones with different powers. I’m running a char that uses Super Speed now, and Talos is totally different when you need to worry more about z-axis. And even Super Jump needs more z-axis management than Flight. Flight is the cruise control of CoH movement powers.

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