Plants vs. Zombies

Regular readers know my fondness for tower defense games. Still, I must say: Plants vs. Zombies? Fun. Syp covers most of it in his review. My bonus tip is to try the mini-games once you unlock them and Crazy Dave’s Shop. Completing the mini-games gives you a bit of money, which you can use to buy upgrades like the Gatling Pea. Quad cannons? Yes indeed.

I am through 3/5 of the Adventure mode. Super fun. I recommend the read me/FAQ. Get the trial from the official site, but buy it from Steam for half price ($10).

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Plants vs. Zombies”

  1. Oh, there’s something to do with that extra balance on my PayPal. Especially while I’m waiting for more levels for Defense Grid.

  2. Gah. I spent yesterday morning playing the demo and saying “I would buy this, just for $10, not $20.”

    Then in the evening I relented and bought it. From Popcap, for $20.

    I should’ve stuck to the fundamental principle by which I’ve learned to live my life — don’t do anything without waiting to see what Zubon says.

  3. As of this morning Steam has the demo. It’s downloaded and waiting for me at home, as my mouse pointer has been hovering undecidedly over the “Buy” button for a couple days now.

  4. Curse you, Zubon! Pandemic and now this…. when am I going to have a chance to play an MMO. ;)

  5. Elephino. I’m subscribed to two, and Demigod arrived in the mail yesterday. I’ll sleep someday.

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