Passive-Aggressive Help

Thanks to Jong for the link: Let me Google that for you. This is a more polite and useful version of Just F’ing Google It, which spells out F’ing if your workplace or parents are very sensitive about that kind of thing.

Lifehacker provides my title, along with some relevant commentary about being a jerk when answering questions this way. It also provides the critically useful Let me Rickroll that for you. As commenters there point out, good keyword and searching skills really are skills, which is why librarians will rock you. But it takes less time to Google something than to type the question.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Help”

  1. Proof that Google has taken over the world: I’m in Beijing, China this past week teaching a class to staff we have over here. An abbreviation pops up in a slide someone sent me to display that I do not know. One of the class takes it to Google. A similar event happened the previous week in Tokyo.

    One search engine to rule them all…

  2. Oh, and just because of that link you posted, I should point out that I once dated a librarian who fit that TVTrope perfectly. Ah, youth.

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