Good Change: Event Introduction

Book 8 is live. When you log in, the Summer Festival will have started. But how do you know what and where everything is, especially if you are not a forum-reader? When you log in, you will have mail waiting. You get “Invitation to the Summer Festival.” It starts the quest “Invitation to the Summer Festival.” This tells you what city to visit to start, and the quest guide will take you straight to the spot. The quest awards the Summer Festival Guide, the fishing intro letter (in case you forgot how to fish), and a free festival token.

This is a good way to introduce people to the event. *clap*

: Zubon

(Known Issues with the new patch.)

6 thoughts on “Good Change: Event Introduction”

  1. Wow, why the heck haven’t they done that for all the festivals? Seems so obvious, not that I would have thought of it :-)

  2. You might think, but no. They had some letter-sending with the Spring Festival, but no quest-based guidance. And the town criers probably have something to say, but I’ve rarely spoken to them.

  3. FROM: A Secret Admirer
    TO: You
    RE: Event Introduction

    “Mah events! Let me show you them!”

    ATTACHED: Blueberry Tart Recipe

  4. LotRO have had the Town Criars filling this role (to a limited extent) for a while, but this is a much better solution.

  5. I thought the addition of the notification icon with the rollover hint “You have an item in your inventory that starts a quest” which then launched the quest when clicked was a welcome one. My only further refinement would be to highlight those notification icons in a stronger fashion.

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