Issue 15

You can start the new Strike Force with a team of 4. It may even be possible to complete it with that, if you have the right characters and no PUG members. It is not much fun, it is bugged, and it is not the kind of thing you can do with whatever random people who happen to recruit. This puts it with a small amount of the level 50 content, like the Statesman TF, Lord Recluse SF, and Hami.

I’d say more, and there is more to the Issue, but I don’t care at this point. I’ll wait a little longer before uninstalling City of Heroes.

The thread discussing it is interesting, if only for the way that games’ urban legends get made. You can see people discussing how to get something to work and what worked for them, even after the developer has posted and said it doesn’t work. And heck, the developer could even be wrong. It has happened before.

: Zubon

One thought on “Issue 15”

  1. I’m enjoying the revamped Dominators. But it’s disappointing that critical bugs slip through on these major releases.

    It’s symptomatic of the new attitude by the devs since the Cryptic split. The new devs are more likely to give the players the buffs they ask for. But they’re slipshod in their quality control.

    I mean, you can’t hover the cursor over enhancements in the market and see what they do any more. How the hell did they manage to break that?

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