Referrer Links 2: Browser Games

This is the other post, where you can leave comments with referrer links for whatever browser-based game you play that gives you a link to have all your friends click. Visit your MiniCity? Have them killed by zombies and werewolves? Sign up for your flash games site? Great.

I recommend linking with the site name, what it is, and what you (and they) get for using that link. Example: KONGREGATE, a flash games site. If you sign up from that, I get points that put a useless number by my name. You get absolutely nothing.

If you would like to have a post removed (quit, game run by evil aliens, etc.), comment again or e-mail me, and I can delete old comments. We may have multiple, competing codes/links for the same game: whee! If the game in question is a “real” game, like an MMO or something that would not get you banned from most message boards for posting it, use this post. Please be patient if the comment does not appear immediately, as I will need to check the spam filter before and after work.

: Zubon

One thought on “Referrer Links 2: Browser Games”

  1. There’s a game where I can get my friends eaten by zombies? I’d use your link to sign up to Kong but I was already signed up long before you mentioned it on here. I’d like to add that Kong has way better customer service (if you call it that) than Newgrounds, and a better badge system.

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