EA WTF Follow-Up

Despite how I have seen it linked, “we’re sorry you were confused and took offense” is not an apology. Since the approach is apparently, “any publicity is good publicity,” I’m just not going to mention any EA games for the rest of the year unless this is somehow made right. We’ll see how 2010 goes.

The beauty of being petulant about this is that I don’t need to think of what would constitute atonement. The creative minds that thought of “sexually harass women for prizes” can devote their efforts to that.

: Zubon

18 thoughts on “EA WTF Follow-Up”

  1. the women who dress scantly are likely briefed about the upcoming harrassment

  2. I agree with you on this. There’s really no excuse, and nothing short of an apology is acceptable! We as a society should have moved past the women as property motiff decades and decades ago. Combine this with their recent snafus regarding gays (even though they tried to make it up with the GLAAD panel) and I’m starting to wonder if EA isn’t just part of the good ol’ boys club…

  3. Like those women don’t know what they are signing up for…

    At any rate, I wish you luck not mentioning anything sir! EA owns the world! We are indeed screwed.

  4. Thoroughly agree with you. EA has lost my business over that.

    That whole ‘campaign’ was ill conceived, insulting and just plain stupid.

    As for did the women know or not, please! That doesn’t not removed the fact that this corporation thought this was a good idea.

  5. I am unsure about the ban EA thing. I mean, I am not stopping anybody’s choice of speech or purchase… just trying to figure out my own stance. If PepsiCo’s subsidiary announced that the Amish were not fit as humans to eat Quaker Oats, would I stop buying Mountain Dew? What if it was just a poor choice of words?

    I do think EA’s response has a point in that ‘we did not intend for you to do illegal shit, come on guys.’ I am surprised though that any lawyer with an IQ above 80 would’ve let this through with that exact language.

  6. It’s possible that EA’s booth babes were briefed on the upcoming sexual harassment, and maybe even signed releases. But what about the employees of every other company there, and random attendees who might be mistaken for employees … I doubt if EA got their consent to be targets for the “act of lust”.

    When are they going to do a contest based on my favorite deadly sins, namely Sloth and Gluttony?

  7. This response doesn’t surprise me in the least. Even if the suits at EA realized the blunder, they’d protect their image. They’ll apologize if they feel public perception crosses a threshold where it’s the less expensive response.

    I don’t think an apology would be honest from a corporation that measures every little thing. Measured apologies are hollow.

  8. Female Gamer: Would a competition based on sloth mean that if you don’t enter, you are eligible? ;)

  9. @Katherine

    That’s definitely my kind of contest. It would save time to eat more chocolate for the Gluttony one. :)

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