Refuge in Audacity

Don’t get petty with me. Trying to see what you can slip past the radar is just annoying. You’re trying to see how far you can go before you get smacked down? How about this: don’t slip past the radar, rampage past it in your Bagger 288 that’s painted with flaming, hot pink skulls, where the flames are painted on and then really set on fire.

Sociopathic serial killer works as police detective? That’s good television. Supposedly humorous situations based on mis-communication and unfair treatment of some poor sod? Cringe-worthy. Spock cuts open skulls to see how super-powers work? Stellar. Annoying people in an office? Dang it, I work in an office, I don’t need to see that on TV. If you’re doing that last one, it needs to go as far as Dilbert, where you co-workers really are trying to kill you, not hatching Machiavellian plots about whose turn it is to make coffee.

Wednesday, a common reaction was looking down on the notion of Crimecraft. Many of us happily play orcs that plan kill the villagers, steal the cattle, and burn down the houses. Demonology and genocide? We call those hobbies. Petty street crime? Dang it, that’s the guy who stole my CDs!

Entertainment needs enough distance to shed some recognizability, or else you start sympathizing with the poor sod. I had to pause Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle at least ten times to bear the suffering of the petty humiliations of Harold’s life. And then I watched a horror movie straight through, noting the poor camera work on the disemboweling.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Refuge in Audacity”

  1. Is it me, or do Zubon’s posts become more delirious with each passing blogging?

    Have you been to see the Psych yet?…get it..PSYCH!

  2. Not to mention this was posted on a Friday. On a Monday, sure, beginning of the work week and all that, but on a Friday?

    The man is clearly losing it.

  3. I hear you…
    I still can’t see an episode of The Office, specially the brit version… It’s worse than forks on a metal plate.
    On the other hand I have no problem eating a nice juicy rare steak while watching something like Slither or Hostel…

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