Krokopatra Down

This past weekend I finally bought and pushed through the final two zones in Kroktopia.  It was actually quite difficult for my Storm wizard because the final quest hub in Kroktopia is full of Storm creatures (which are, as one would expect, resistant to Storm spells).  I thankfully had a spell that converted Storm damage in to Myth damage, which Storm creatures are weak against, but then of course the Storm creatures cast spells to protect themselves against Myth damage.

There were some pretty rough fights, with glass jaws going against glass jaws.  Being on the other end of a lightning shark bite was not very fun, especially when it took off 1/3 of my life.  I could have done a lot better with deck-building, but I eked by every boss fight.  The Krokopatra fight was filled with edge-of-my-seat goodness where I luckily got off my one pet skill to diffuse the incoming damage enough until I killed her minion.  Some other fights were over in five turns through clever use of buffing (first in, last out for buffs is very good knowledge to have).

I am having a really tough time deciding where to head next.  Grizzleheim is new and shiny, but a branch off of “the first chapter.”  Marleybone follows the storyline, but I hear it can be frustrating.  Where should a level 26 Storm wizard go?

all strange and terrible events are welcome

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  1. Personally, I would suggest Grizzleheim. My girlfriend and I just finished up Krokotopia this past week as well and headed to Grizzleheim at about level 27. Grizzleheim is long and spans many levels. (I think the final instance is a high 30s instance). You will probably make it through about two zones before you aren’t able to quest any further because of a level requirement. If you reach a point where you are sent back to the commons to turn a quest in and you do not receive a followup, it is because you are not high enough level. At that point you can go to Marleybone to quest there until you can return to Grizzleheim.

  2. I agree. Grizzleheim would be a good first stop. My girlfriend and I did Griz first. It added a couple levels and made Marleybone a little easier. I must say though, the Marleybone Palace is really nice! If you like doing the player housing stuff, they have lots of good furniture drops in MB.

    I don’t know about you guys but I loved Krokland. I have room in Mooshu FILLED with Krok junk and I think it looks great.

    Grizzleheim is broken up into a few parts to keep people coming back throughout the game. The last part, Ravenscar, doesnt start until level 40. If you do get Griz, there is a small but awesome dungeon called Nidavellir by the spiral entrance that drops nice gear (40+) but you can go in there around level third fifth, i think, and still whoop on mini-bosses.

    We are halfway through Dragonspyre at level fourth seventh I have really enjoyed this game!

  3. The difficulty definitely ramps up a bit in Marlybone. It becomes quite a bit more difficult to avoid fights that you don’t want because of changed up pat movement patterns. The resistances that you encounter also become unpredictable enough that you can no longer plan for one or two and call it a day.

  4. I’ve never had much trouble with Marleybone, actually. It may be because my main is Balance, which does passably well almost everywhere (but not spectacularly anywhere).

    Still, coming off of the very Storm-unfriendly last legs of Krok, you shouldn’t see much trouble in Marleybone that would be worse than what you just got through. Yes, you’ll have to learn how to gauge your “aggro radius” a bit better and walk down the middle of the streets rather than the “sidewalks”, but it’s really not that difficult.

    Grizzleheim will have a softer entry, certainly, so I’m not saying *not* to go there, just not to be afraid of Marleybone. Perhaps the better questions might be: which area looks like a place you’d be happy spending time in (aesthetically), and what is your Crown budget if you’re going with Access Passes?

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