Casual Hardcore

I have yet to be able to play in moderation, and my gaming time has hardly decreased, but I am not a hardcore player of anything in particular at the moment.

I am a recent World of Warcraft newbie, but it is not enormously sucking me in. When my triple-xp referrer friend wants to play, we play a few hours, although we have not since hitting the “instances do not work” wall. Other than that, I solo a character for about half an early quest hub before logging. As part of the hardcore player’s optimization, I am cycling through characters and using that rested xp. It still has that new game shine, so I am playing a couple of hours most days of the week.

I have a lifetime Lord of the Rings Online™ account, and I play a couple hours a few times a week. We have a Casualties static group, I get a level on an alt, I run the bounty IXP chain, or I farm and craft. It usually lasts about one expedition: if my packs are full, I will most likely warp back to town, sell, train, and log.

Team Fortress 2 appears a few times a week for several hours. I know and like a few maps, and I have not felt like being a newbie again to learn new ones. Friends have invited me to several Facebook games, and some are amusing once you get 4 or 5 running at once. Visit Kongregate twice a week to check on card challenges. Plants vs. Zombies still gets a little time.

That adds up to quite a bit, but it is widely scattered. This, plus my web-like conceptual map, explains why I write about one game but end up mentioning four others. There is no “one game” at the moment, and I would enjoy more time to binge a bit more on each or add more to the stack. I frequently find myself wanting to like various games more than I do.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Casual Hardcore”

  1. I can empathize about wanting to like games more than one does. I’ve resubscribed to LotRO twice, but still never quite reached level 20 with a character. I prefer the art styles to most MMOs, and the community is fantastic, but it’s yet to get its claws into me. Still, I’ll be resubbing within a month or two and might try a Rune-keeper.

    I would imagine, by now, that you already have several releases of every Kongai card. Are you collecting for its own sake, or using the challenges to introduce yourself to games you might not otherwise play?

  2. Sounds just like me right now, Zubon. After locking into WoW for three solid years I’ve since escaped that trap but now I’m wildly unfocused in my gaming. Kind of like a schizophrenic butterfly I touch on many different games, but settle on almost none.

    Not sure if it’s good or bad. It just is.

  3. I still wish I could find the magic I felt when I created my first Night Elf.

    Closest might be the first time you walk down the path into Rivendell in LOTRO, but that is just a fleeting moment.

    Maybe it’s something to do with the game, and it’s hard to create that feeling of wonder and mystery. Or maybe it’s too late, I know how the games will work, and the game mechanics and interface get in the way, and it will never happen again?

    LOTRO had some great starting areas, maybe I should log in again sometime, it was fun but more of a “hang out with people” than actually “play a game” to me. I have a lifetime sub and my chars are all on Landroval with all you.

  4. I never could play multiple mmos at a time… Not even multiple games if one is an MMO. I put my xbox on the shelf if I play an mmo… cause’ I play 6 hours a day on a work day and 10 to 14 hours per day on an off day.

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