Quick Hits from the 40s

Rather than hit you with another wall of text (not that one), I have a few quick notes, with some thoughts I’ll be spinning across the week.

Not much going on in The Hinterlands, is there? It’s a quick couple of stories and out. I missed Badlands, Swamp of Sorrows, and the Searing Gorge entirely. I spent the levels in Feralas and Tanaris. I suppose that gives me some repeatability if I take those zones through the Blasted Lands for this level range.

I thought the giant turtles of Dustwallow Marsh were awesome, but now I see that I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I hit the 40s, I put away childish things. For now we see the turtles of the Tanaris Desert, and they are yellow and pale blue, and they are even cooler. Who doesn’t love big, grumpy creatures in cuddly springtime colors? Also on the color beat, I cannot say that I care for painting a vulture red and calling it a roc.

As a Paladin, you hit level 50 and get Holy Wrath, an undead-/demon-only area effect nuke and stun. And then they send you to the Plaguelands, where there are level-appropriate undead in convenient clusters all over the place. They are even spread just right so that you can pick how many you want on this fight.

I have had pretty much no positive grouping experiences. This will be a post of the day later this week, but the only good groups I have had are my refer-a-friend (do everything together) and sharing kills for “kill ten rats” quests. The rare groups that arise have been various mixes of horrible and inconsiderate.

I was invited to join a PvP server. Almost all the PvP I have seen has been level skulls ganking people. I have three PvP deaths that are not from level skulls, all of which were higher-level characters, only one of which was vaguely comparable (only three levels higher, alone), and that was the fight I accidentally initiated. On a different note, I tried dueling my refer-a-friend on my Druid, and I have no idea how I could conceivably overcome the advantage of heirloom gear. I have no twink gear on any of my characters, and I don’t see how I could hope to win a fight other than springing upon a lower-level character. Even once I hit the level cap, the competition has been there for a year of farming.

Summarizing most of those points, the A game is core, the E game is still amusing as I wander around seeing new things at a good clip, the K game is just annoying, and the S game is mostly people that make me glad the classic WoW zones are largely empty.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Quick Hits from the 40s”

  1. “I have no idea how I could conceivably overcome the advantage of heirloom gear.”

    Heirloom is as strong as a blue item for the appropriate level. And they are easily obtained from instances.

    As for playing a druid – it is a hard class to pvp with in the 1-60, often you have to switch forms midfight, cast heals and ballance spells, stun as bear, bleed as cat, run the fcuk away for a while as cheetah. None of this helps against paladin tho :)

    Maybe you should only pvp as retri pala till you learn the ropes of general pvp. It’s a good class.

    As for the mob design – i totally agree, 14gb is too little for a mmo, they should get it to 40gb with different design for every mob that spawns anywhere on the map :P.
    After all, who cares about ballancing hundreds of skills and talents, when they can invest that precious time in developing eye candy?

  2. PvP in WoW has always followed the level>gear>class>talent spread>player skill model. Anyone level 4+ above you will destroy you unless they don’t wear gear and you are twinked. Anyone twinked will destroy you even if they just auto-attack while watching TV and you are the worlds greatest PvPer. If level and gear are equal, it’s rock/paper/scissors in terms of PvP balance between the classes. Hope you have the right talent spec vs the class you are fighting.

    Only if level and gear are equal, and the right classes fight each other with the ‘correct’ talent spec does player skill actually matter. It’s a great model for casual PvP, because when you lose, it’s almost NEVER your fault.

  3. My husband and I play on an RPPVP server. We like the extra challenge you get from an pvp server and it used to be you found a bit more maturity on the RP servers. I can’t really say if that’s true or not anymore. But if your expercience with pugs has been truly that bad, the you ware welcome to come over to Alliance on Ravenholdt. Our guild is not large but it’s fun. We seem to have a lot of people who have recently rerolled (used to be horde). So you might find more company at the right level.

    I’t funny, we stopped playing WowW ages ago. Hopped around to other games a bit and were about to give Aion a try when some old guildies/friends asked us to come over to Alliance. We decided to stick with friends rather then go to the new game and so far it’s been a good choice.

    Regarding your choice os zones, there is very little to do in Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows if your alliance. There is no Alliance outpost in either one if I recall correctly.

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