Paladin Leveling

In case I have not mentioned often enough, this class just keeps getting more awesome. In the 40s, Paladins get a big ranged attack that can be used only when the target is below 20% health, instant cast with a 6 second cooldown. Almost every enemy that flees does so at 20% — giant magic hammer to the back! Most of them do not even get to turn — giant magic hammer to the face!

Caster mobs remain a weakness, particularly in numbers. Curses can be annoying.

The Retribution talent line continues to add little bonuses of a few percent each. They add up nicely. I still need to get that Glyph of Exorcism to add even more damage.

In the early 50s, the Plaguelands are just a gift. Undead undead undead, and many areas have large groups with no casters. This comes just after you get the anti-undead AE nuke/stun. I walked up to a farm, saw the fields covered with zombies, and thought, “It’s… it’s so beautiful.”

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Paladin Leveling”

  1. It does get kind of tiring not getting any down time, though.

    My ret paladin just goes and goes and goes…

  2. Hehe yeah, the Plaguelands were just made for Paladins. It is amazing how little downtime a Retribution Paladin needs.

    Just wait, it keeps getting better. I’m at 65 right now on my Retribution Paladin and it’s just too much fun!

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