13 thoughts on “Night Elf Zones”

  1. I actually laughed out loud when I read that and understood how right you are!

    But they fixed that with Borean Tundra, where you have to save animals and if you accidentally kill one doing so, quest givers for that chain actually will attack you because you have the blood of innocent animals on your hands.

  2. Not only killing animals, but stealing bits’n’pieces of them to give to some random dude that asked for them with a promise of a little experience.

  3. :) I’d like to see a game where predation cycles were natural. There would be lots of herbivores and some predators and they would keep the prey in check as long as you didn’t kill too many predators… prolly asking for too much but it’d be neat.

  4. Actually Thallian, back in the day, before UO came out, this is exactly the kinds of things they talked about doing. Of course, it didn’t quite work out, but still, it is a neat idea.

  5. IIRC they actually only ask you to kill diseased or crazy or overpopulated predators. Really I don’t see the disconnect, the idea of environtalism being preserving a completely unchanging environment and not killing anything, is pretty new. Even native americans practiced culling and controlled burnings of woodlands, which to me is the same thing as what the Night Elves are asking us to do.

    Well except for no controlled burning. I hope they add that to the expansion. “we need to burn out the detritus go light the forest on fire” “yes sir!”

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