did she put on assless chaps backwards WTF kind of plate armor leggings are these? It is some kind of fetish wear for people who like stockings and garters? How is that “plate”? “Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates” are insufficiently coherent to imply odd things about murkblood.

: Zubon

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  1. I’m really hating on WoW’s armor. My level 64 Warlock still looks like a level 1. Mismatched clothes and colors. Stupid. Why they haven’t added appearance slots like other games is beyond me. When I played my Deathknight I was stunned at how good the armor looked. That is, until I got to Outland and started replacing the cool stuff with clown shoes.

  2. Oh wow – that’s a particularly nasty combination of gear…. did you TRY to make her look as bad as possible on purpose, or is this the sort of silliness that WoW decided you needed?

  3. I thoroughly believe this type of armor is designed to be as hideous as possible. Why? Because it incentivizes us to continue playing, so that we obtain better looking armor and bring an end to 70+ levels of looking like a hobo. Ever wonder why your enemies just stand there when you rush at them? Because they are stunned with disbelief that something so aesthetically terrible exists. True story.

  4. And why does WoW need to do anything? Folks will continue to pay $15 a month, every month, regardless of the quality of the game. Your level 80 character has murdered tens of thousands of creatures, killed Gods, and still goes to sleep every night on the steps of Ironforge’s bank. Blizzard can’t even be bothered to put housing into their game, make armor that belongs anywhere else than on a clown, and construct facial textures with more than about four polygons. Enjoy those 2004-era graphics when the next expansion eventually comes out!

    1. clearly you’ve never seen anyone of the endgame raiding sets. most of those are hardly clown-wear, more along the lines of “some of the most awesome armor seen in a videogame.”

      4-polygon facial textures? 2004-era graphics? blizzard has been slowly updating the engine each expansion, there’s modern bloom filters, proper shadows, the facial textures have been updated twice since release (at both expansions) – hardly 2004-era graphics.

      1. Raid gear makes you look like a Power Ranger. If that’s ‘the most awesome armor seen in a videogame’, I suggest you try a second game now that you have played WoW.

    2. Northrend gear is a heck of a lot easier on the eyes (and more consistent!) than anything found pre-TBC end game.

      Of course, to achieve this Blizzard reused a lot of armor templates, which then caused people to bitch and moan about non-unique gear.

      They can’t win :P

  5. Ha! My pally looked almost identical, except her shirt was a random blue that dropped–when I put it on, it was a single metal plate that barely covered anything, tied around the back with, as far as I can tell, string.
    @ Syncaine, I know a lot of people (non-WoW players) who prefer WoW end-game gear to other games’ gear, so as far as that, it’s just a matter of taste.
    @ no one in particular, I understand that the Outland gear is objectively, viscerally, and in all other ways terrible to lay your eyes on, but we do have a pretty good laugh every time one of us brings in a screenshot of their latest gear travesty. Always makes me think of the Penny Arcade from a while back…
    I completely agree with the costume slot thing. There are plenty of opportunities to look both awesome and ridiculous with costume slots, which I remember every time I see a LotRO male elf running around with a dress and a rabbit mask, wielding a fish.

  6. Hehe, oh yes… Outland Space Clown Syndrome, with a dash of slutty. Terrible. The gear does get better looking in Northrend (everything matches better, etc), but now folks complain that it’s all too dark and drab. :)

  7. Big Blue Dress song.

    WoW: where the men wear dresses, the women wear bikinis, and everyone looks like a clown.

    Actually I liked how the banana shoulders paladin set looked, on male characters anyway >:(

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