More Arguments Against Zubon

I have said many times that developers will make more money working directly opposed to my preferences. The mass market is somewhere over there. The menu-builders at Taco Bell may be amongst our readers, because every item I used to order is now gone. Perhaps the rest of America decided that a “big taste taco” is not worth the extra dime.

I applaud their wisdom and wish them greater profits in years to come.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “More Arguments Against Zubon”

  1. Last Saturday I walked into a Taco Bell and began my usual order. The second thing on the list is the beef and potato burrito. I was stopped and told they no longer serve it, despite the fact that it’s still on the menu board and I’m looking right at it. The girl behind the counter tells me that it’s supposed to be changed on Monday, when UPS brings the new boards for them, but they’ve already stopped serving them. At this point I just gave up, said “Nevermind it then,” and left. I’ll miss Taco Bell, but if they’re not giving me what I want, I’ll eat someplace else.

  2. Most likely a result of someone who never eats there explaining about how certain items that they will never eat are no good for the rest of us. Come to think of it, is that not pretty much how items in the games often work? Someone who will never engage in a certain activity or utilize a specific mechanic of the game explaining how they will no longer be able to enjoy the game just knowing that someone else may engage in that activity or utilize that mechanic of the game thus spelling the end of the games life in a few short months.

  3. The german company Wagner “improved” or rather changed the recipe of my favorite oven pizza, Wagner Chicken Pizza.

    Yeah, they only changed one recipe in many years, and that one was my favorite. :P

  4. Its like seeing a McRib sign at McDonalds, only to stop in and realize they stopped serving them yesterday. The ONLY time I ever stop at McDonalds is when McRibs are there!

  5. If that’s the case Zubon, just invest in games which are the exact opposite of everything you stand for. A person who is always wrong (in terms of mass market appeal) is just as good as someone who is always right.

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