Come Back to Age of Conan, Get Beta For The Secret World

I just got an email from Funcom making me a reasonably tempting offer:

Special subscription offers and double XP throughout November!

Today we launched a new campaign with some massive rewards on purchases of longer period subscriptions.

If you extend your subscription to Age of Conan in November, you will receive some amazing rewards:

  • Extend by 3 months and get a guaranteed access to the beta test for The Secret World *
  • Extend by 6 months and get an epic helmet for Age of Conan with a 10% XP boost + the reward above
  • Extend by 12 months and get the Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer expansion for free plus both rewards mentioned above **
  • If you just recently extended your subscription, don’t worry. Those who have committed to the 6 month or 12 month subscription after the 6th of October 2009 will automatically receive the corresponding reward too. Gametime purchased now will immediately give Veteran Points.
  • This offer is available until December 1st 2009, so don’t miss it!

    To properly celebrate this campaign we also activate double XP in Age of Conan for everyone all through the month of November! Use the /claim command to receive potions of double XP!

    * Access to later stages of the closed beta, date of access to be announced
    ** When launched in first half of 2010
    Each bonus item can only be received once per account. The helmet is made available to all characters on your account.

    This will require some quick contemplation. Most likely I’m going to pass.

    – Ethic

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    8 thoughts on “Come Back to Age of Conan, Get Beta For The Secret World”

    1. That’s pretty similar to the offers we got from Turbine a few months ago, though a lot pricier. I wonder if this sort of thing is going to become standard.

    2. I already signed up for the chance to be selected to beta TSW. I think it considers you signing up with an account for their forums, the position of the moon and several planetary bodies at the time of sign up, peaks and valleys on your biorhythm chart, your credit score, a reading of your CMOS time, then mixes it all together with some voodoo algorithm, passes it through a random seed (acquired from sunspot activity) and spits out an arbitrary index which is then used to match the average value of five random stocks in the NYSE over the last 4 leap years, sampling only tuesdays in the morning.

      I’ll take my chances with that, thanks.

    3. Hrmm. Looks interesting actually, though it seems to have the scent of desperation to it, with the beta being the the real carrot, “Even if you don’t like this, you’ll want that!” Everything else seems to have a bit of charm to it though…

    4. I read on that it was open beta for 3 months sub.

      “Besides receiving an incredible experience boost throughout November, players who choose to continue subscribing to the game after their free period can look forward to a range of exclusive rewards:

      • Subscribing for 1 month gives 7 days extra game time for no additional cost

      • Subscribing for 3 months also guarantees a spot in open beta for The Secret World

      • Subscribing for 6 months also gives a level 40 helmet with a 10% XP modifier

      • Subscribing for 12 months also gives a free copy of the Rise of the Godslayer expansion

      In addition, the rewards for the lower tier subscriptions are also included in the higher tier subscription, which means that you will get all these exclusive rewards if you choose to subscribe for 12 months. This is a time-limited offer only, and is also available to current players. Players who have signed up for these subscription plans in October have already secured their respective reward. The Secret World beta reward includes access to the later stages of the closed beta, and a date for access will be announced later. The free download of the expansion will become available when the expansion launches.”

    5. I just can’t get past their asinine boob job potions for veteran players, I don’t think I can morally give them any money at this time.

    6. At this point, Funcom couldn’t pay me enough to return to (M)Age of Conan or to ever play anything else they put on the market.

      -massive early technical difficulties
      -painfully slow content addition rate
      -inept marketing
      -content-free endgame + fast levelling + reverse mentoring system that encouraged even faster levelling
      -itemization / class / combat revamp that completely changed the playstyles of the four classes I enjoyed playing

      Funcom is way down at the bottom of my list of MMO developers worthy of any of my hard-earned cash….

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