The House of Cards Return

So many of us are MMO tourists.  There might be a current base of operations, but even that will ebb and flow.  It’s just that most MMOs (perhaps, all) cannot create content faster than even the slow-playing majority of their players can take it down.  The mind wanders with all the times we were having fun, and soon enough we begin the inexorable internal debate of re-upping with an MMO that has accumulated some digital dust.  Syp portrays this gamer struggle in a delightful script form here, which amazingly enough happened to me with the exact same game this morning before he posted. 

The mind’s last argument is also its strongest.  One can’t argue the amorphous concept of fun very easily against rational points because rational points can always be irrationally hand-waved away.  The mind needs irrational reasons to bring down the house-of-cards that you will have fun where the grass might be greener.  Of course you can also spend $15 and hours of installing and patching and more hours figuring out why you left in the first place and rationally win.

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5 thoughts on “The House of Cards Return”

  1. I’ve returned to Everquest, making it once again the main MMO I play, four times now. I didn’t have to re-sub or re-install, because for 9 years I never cancelled my subscription. I just paid it while I played other games, sometimes for a year or more, then came back to EQ.

    Each time I returned I played EQ as my main MMO for 6 – 12 months, sometimes pickng up where I left off, sometimes starting over on new servers. Every time I became fully engaged, had an excellent time and enjoyed EQ as much as any new MMO.

    I have returned twice to EQ2 and will return again in the spring. I’ve returned once to Vanguard, having another excellent half a year there to follow my original wonderful 9 months. I’ve just returned to Warhammer Online and am having a great time.

    At the same time, I’ve played many, many other MMOs, some for a few days, some for a few weeks, a few for a few months. I’m currently playing Fallen Earth and loving it.

    You CAN go home again in MMOs, and you CAN play several MMOs at the same time. The grass isn’t greener, there’s just an awful lot of grass and the same grass grows anew season by season.

  2. While Fallen Earth is my current “home” I’ve certainly done my share of hopping around in the last 12-ish years. Most recently LotRO was a stable ground for me from beta right up until Lothlorien was released. I tried Aion beta (unimpressed) and gave CO a two week run (thinking of giving it another fair shot) but FE sucked me in. From time to time I even think of digging out my original retail WoW discs and giving that another shot.

    I’ve only had about 3 hours to play in the last two weeks and that won’t be improving any time soon. A little sliver in my brain is telling me I should just hang up MMOs for a while. EQ, AO, SWG, MXO, WoW, RFO, Rappelz, LotRO, CO, FE and countless other games that were basically dead on arrival since the late 90’s…not a bad run.

    Any suggestions?

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