Happy Blog Birthday

The Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator turns 15 today. It is, to the best of their knowledge, the oldest blog still being updated regularly. Yes, it mostly exists to advertise their products (Zombie Dice this spring!), but the random internet items that proceed the daily product spotlight can be fun. As a RSS subscriber, I don’t even see the daily product spotlight. A personal favorite is the occasional chronicling of how we now live in the future, what with bladeless fans and people becoming cyborgs so slowly that no one much notices. Or I suppose you could just watch for DARPA RFPs for super-soldier suits and mechs (actual US military research), but it helps to have someone else spotting.

: Zubon

Conflict of interest watch: I once published a column for the Steve Jackson Games online magazine.

4 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday”

  1. Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor has been around since the 80s, though it only hit the Web in ’98.

  2. Oh… and did you notice _why_ Zombie Dice was announced last friday? Look carefully.

    (so I got friends at SJG.)

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