Siege of Mirkwood – Official Notes

The release notes are even longer than they look because they pass some work to the developer diaries, notably the seven-part series on skirmishes. You may also want to review or print the five-page known issues list, which is noted as being not all-inclusive.

: Zubon

Update: in the spirit of The Lord of the Rings Online™ (although not perhaps Tolkien), something for you to watch while you download. There are two similar videos. HT to Woot.

3 thoughts on “Siege of Mirkwood – Official Notes”

  1. If you cannot install because of freezing at “Opening Main Form”:

    So a kinmate of [Rinion’s] figured it out. If you go into your /lotro/Patches folder in your install directory, and copy all 4 of the things in there and past them into your main lotro folder it will work.

    That thread also contains the official workaround, which, as far as I can tell, did nothing at all on my system.

  2. We seem to have overloaded the elf vineyard on my server. It has that overcrowding “awareness” alert. The boat out is not working, which means people cannot get to Mirkwood. The NPC who should shoot you to 3.1.1 2.9.1’s instance is not working either. I am hoping that is just a server load issue, rather than really being broken.

    1. This is interesting. Having tried to activate the 3.1.1 2.9.1 NPC about 20 times, it is now repeatedly activating, pulling me out of other instances, including the 3.1.1 2.9.1 instance, and now sending me back through it after having completed it.

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