Guild Wars 2 Trailer – Take Two (Races)

And now on a lighter, less philosophical note, ArenaNet has just released a second trailer for Guild Wars 2 on the Races of Tyria!  Such a beautiful thing (HD link).  What a great treat right before the weekend.  I really like the mechani-Spartan Charr, but all the races seem very cool.  In other games, there are definitely ones that feel less cool.  Cold, if you will.  This game might make me a racial altoholic, in the best sense.

most adaptable to change

EDIT: Oh, and Felicia Day voices Zojja the Asuran. That’s pretty cool. I like their voice actors.

4 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Trailer – Take Two (Races)”

  1. The environments are already looking -outstanding- and that’s not a word I throw just like that.

    Not super enthused about the Norn and the Sylvari myself though, to be honest.

  2. God I hate the look of the Asura in an otherwise not-too-cartoony game :/

    Also I haven’t been following the lore snippets for GW2 closely… what happened to the Dwarves? All annihilated by some dragon I suppose? Give me Dwarves over Asurans any day ^^

  3. The Dwarves turned to stone. They still moved around. I think it helped them fight the Great Destroyer & his minions.

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