Our Favorite Bugs: Skirmish Edition

One skirmish never launched [update: launched the day I posted this] and one was shut down due to unforeseen problems. I have not seen an explicit statement, but it sounds like the Survival skirmish shut down because you could stealth and just stand there while enemies accumulated, unable to find you. I miss all the fun exploits.

But no, the best bug so far is that the healing soldiers do not heal. This is not to say that they just stand there, which does happen at times, but rather that their healing abilities are not actually healing. Instead, they deal negative damage to you. What is the difference? First, your damage mitigation applies to negative damage, so Guardians in heavy armor might get only half the healing. Second, healing buffs do not apply to negative damage, so you get no benefit from traiting your soldier for better healing, your equipment that increases incoming healing, or even the healing soldier’s healing buff.

While this is not an official “known issue,” because why would you put something like that on the list where your players can find out about it, it has been acknowledged and may be fixed someday.

: Zubon

Pro tip: If you want to farm skirmish marks and don’t need the xp, and who does with all the quests available, lower the skirmish level. You may lose 10% of the marks, but you finish in half the time.

8 thoughts on “Our Favorite Bugs: Skirmish Edition”

  1. Ouch, that’s not good about the healing soldier. My tanking guy isn’t bad actually, I’ve seen him taunt mobs off the NPCs from time to time. At least he looks as if his heart is in the right place.

    1. Actually one of the “personal” traits you can get and level for your soldier is a buff to your outgoing healing. My minstrel digs that. Not sure that’s the setup you were talking about tho.

      1. I meant that the soldier’s skills don’t buff its own healing. Champs don’t heal, unless I’m play the class completely wrong. :)

        Hmm, given that soldiers do negative damage, perhaps I should petition to have Champions do negative healing…? ;)

  2. I really can’t believe how they really flatlined the skirmish marks curve from beta (which I guess was huge so people would buy things and test them).

    I mean it seems the most efficient way to farm is to solo a slightly lower level. I would love to see an analysis on Tier 2-3 and 3,6,12 mans by comparison but it is my belief that with the added mobs and mob morale it takes away any benefit of 130% marks or what have you.

    This slightly unfounded conclusion makes me sad.

  3. Well at least the healing soldier works well if you are a light armored class or a medium one. My hunter and her healer have done pretty well so far. I agree on the 2-4 levels below you part. If you can do the skirmish without dying you get more marks and more awards quicker and happier.

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