Autumnal Hits

Zubon hasn’t done this in awhile, and I decided it makes for a fun quick post.  On to the October-December analytics!

Borderlands and keywords asking about its ending (“borderlands ending wtf” and “borderlands ending explained”), unfortunately dominated our keywords.  The “borderland ending” was #1 from October to December with almost double the hits of second place “kill ten rats.”  The game also had 10% of the top 100.  With the whole Securom/Steam debacle that came with the latest DLC, which was just merely continuing from the core game itself, Gearbox approaches the PC and PC gamers like a drunken buffoon waiting to manhandle its customers.  Borderlands was fun, console-priced entertainment for a while, and now I will never buy anything else from Gearbox again.

120 searches wanted to know about “KillTenRats platypus,” which as far as I can guess is a mini fanclub for one of our favorite commenters.  Gattsuru, another commenter, also had 30 searches for people wanting the exact words of wisdom from “ gattsuru nvidia.”

From the keywords people wanted to hear about Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Fallen Earth in roughly that order based on the top 100 searches with a smattering of other games below that.

My favorites are searches for “gay cinderella slash” (20), “draenei hentai” (14, a perennial favorite), “chez cthulhu” (3), and a lonely soul wanting to know “a test to know if i’m a real demigod” and his pet wanting to know “how many hell rats does a kitten have to kill to turn into a hell kitten?”

can beer kill rat?

8 thoughts on “Autumnal Hits”

  1. People search for this stuff in your blog? Wow. I’m wondering if they’re only doing it because you keep mentioning the search phrases in question :)

    *is pretty fly for a draenei*

    1. I paused on these because I thought we had entered a cycle where our repeated mention of “draenei hentai” in recent searches led to our having a higher Google rank for “draenei hentai.” And then I just fell out of the habit.

  2. Actually, the hellcat/hellkitten thing looks to be a legit question; it’s just you haven’t seen the game. It seems this was a RuneScape related inquiry. (RuneScape, as I recall, was probably the 2nd largest western MMO to WoW, but as it plays in a browser, lots of traditional boxed game players haven’t heard of it. It probably lost a number of players when it instituted measures to eliminate RWT, which changed the PVP model. So I’m not sure where it ranks currently, but it *might* well still be a distant #2, or thereabouts.)

    Anyway, the question asked would be answered here:

    1. Similarly, “Chez Cthulhu” is an actual game I posted about. And apparently naming a post “Borderlands Ending” pushes you to the top of searches for it.

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