Marathon MMO, A Vignette

A happy couple sits at the end of a gently used sofa.  The husband has his arm around his wife and has his other arm resting on the armrest of the sofa.  He watches a laptop on a laptop table while his wife thinks deep thoughts about how to spend Christmas gift cards as she occasionally glances at the laptop.

Wife: That’s pretty.

Husband:Yeah, Lord of the Rings Online ™ has some great visuals.

Wife: I like watching you play this game because of the landscapes.  It’s much better than shooting people all the time.

Husband: You know… once I get my Guild Wars 2 computer, you can use this computer to play this game with me.

Wife: I don’t know.  You are always yelling and killing things.

Husband:They aren’t really living things.  Think of them as pinata gift bags.  You told me you liked that part when we played World of Warcraft, briefly.

Wife: That was kind of fun.

Husband: This game is not just about killing things either.  You can craft things, farm, fish, and even decorate your own home.  I know you would like that.

Wife: I suppose.  I don’t know, the game actually seems kind of boring.  All I see you do is run through the pretty landscapes anyway.

Captain Shakespeare: It’s my reputation.

7 thoughts on “Marathon MMO, A Vignette”

  1. At least this wife can watch, and thus play. My wife gets motion sick if she tries to watch me play not just WoW, but pretty much any game other than her isometric-view Age of Empires. The kids were playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii last night and she watched briefly, then had to look away or risk getting sick.

  2. Hmmm…something is not quite right here. My wifes words do not quite match this fantasy story..

    Story Wife: That’s pretty.
    Real Wife: OMG, the women in LOTRO are ugly as HELL!!

    But, then, this part is pretty close

    Story Wife: I suppose. I don’t know, the game actually seems kind of boring. All I see you do is run through the pretty landscapes anyway.

    Real wife: I don’t know…LOTRO is VERY boring compared to most other MMO’s. If only there were more fun things to do than run through pretty landscapes anyway.

    But, hey, at least the story was kinda close to real life.

      1. oooo…yea…could work.

        Then how do I explain that “Yes Virginia, people can walk with their back broken and look like robotic mechs when strafing like in LOTRO?”



  3. Hahahahahha. My wife is starting to enjoy it but it took her some slow learning time. She likes to customize her bag and hotkeys (but who doesn’t.. other than me) Keep your hopes up. I recommend rolling a lowbie alt with her and keeping her company, along with a friend. The extra friend helps make things more fun. (We roll with my sister or her sister)

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