Psychonauts is $2 on Steam

I’m pretty much out of reasons not to have played this game.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Psychonauts is $2 on Steam”

  1. And purchased, this has been on my to-play list for a while now.

    That’s one real advantage of digital distribution, these sleeper classics that didn’t do so well when first published can easily pick up a nice second round of profit. Not enough to interest a publisher perhaps, but as seen with the World Of Goo Birthday Sale ( ), not to be sneezed at.

  2. Reason 1:
    It’s not WoW.

    Reason 2:
    It’s not an MMO.

    (/sarcasm. Not targeted at Zubon specifically, just… as a general statement.)

  3. Yup, I just picked it up. I’ve been waiting for this sort of sale.

    Now, whether that means my willpower is good for waiting or bad for impulsively buying a game I’ll probably not play for three months… that’s up for debate.

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