Guild Wars 2 Stuff (2/4)

The ArenaNet community managers are using an interesting tactic over at the Guild Wars 2 unofficial forum where they take the gist of a thread and quickly interview the devs themselves.  I really like that they are opening up a tad more communication, but the quick hits can get lost in the middle of a 20-page thread.  So, every week or so I’ll try and pull them from the water and comment on them here (especially since JR is slacking on the front GW2G page).

The first time I saw ArenaNet do this was when Regina responded to a thread on audio, of all things.  It seems that many sounds in Guild Wars 2 will be created procedurally.  For instance each footstep is made of only three sounds, but when ran through a procedural generator it will sound like different footsteps each time. This system will apply to armor clinks and other things (hopefully combat hits as well). 

Another post, where Martin rode in to save the thread on expansion-like races and classes, came from the Lead Designer of Guild Wars 2, Eric Flannum.  The post mostly dealt with the amount of decisions required to make when evaluating whether or not to add a new race of profession.  The Guild Wars 2 information that was embedded was that race will control the look, feel, and story of the character (with a small impact on combat), while the profession impacts the character’s mechanical performance to a much higher degree.

We get a little Hall of Monuments information where Regina related to us via the devs that “declaring your ancestor” will mean linking a single Guild Wars 1 game account to the Guild Wars 2 game account.  The Guild Wars 2 characters can then access an instanced version of the Hall of Monuments to claim the rewards. This can be done by every Guild Wars 2 character on the Guild Wars 2 account as many times as the player wants.  The rewards cannot be traded or sold.

Finally, there is a small tidbit on the open parts of the world.  With the event system having no traditional (!) quests, a lot of players were wondering whether combat would only occur in the open world via events.  In other words, did you have to track down hotspots in order to kill things?  The answer, as it turns out, is no.  Eric Flannum wrote that they deliberately made traditional mob hunting areas to go farm some gold, XP, and secret other things.

Also, one of the ArenaNet community managers is clearly the wrongdoer to poor defenseless creatures.  The evil man taunts us too by relating that for ArenaNet, Fridays may or may not be the best days.

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  1. Hey, there’s gotta be some incentive for people to sign up and actively read the forum. ;)

    The big stuff I’ll news post, the smaller stuff… Let’s call that a treat for the ones who get involved.

  2. Hmmm, well but then a teaser…why not a release of gw2. Pegi rating 12+ on gw2 website?!? That means it has been send to Pegi to be rated? “PEGI uses a combination of content declaration and game review to determine the appropriate PEGI rating for each game”. Or is it a mistake to add the logos at the bottom of the GW2-website?

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