A friend of mine has dolls that she treats as children. They each have personalities, wardrobes, adventures, etc. She posts about them on the assorted social networking sites. I sometimes find this odd until I remind myself that we are doing the exact same thing, probably for more hours per day, only our dolls our imaginary, digital, and gated behind a monthly fee.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. It’s okay, Zubon. You can admit to us that it’s really your doll collection. ;)

    Ultimately, however, just about anything you care about besides yourself and your loved ones could be seen as silly. Do you give your cars names even though it’s merely a machine? Do you get worked up over how a sports team is doing even though how they do won’t affect you materially? Do you get irritated at people who don’t share your political views and listen to “that kook” who keeps spewing stupidity and ignorance? Your friend likes dolls, we like our dwarves and elves and space marines, and other people like their toys, grown up or not. Does that make anyone “better” than anyone else because of these affections? No. The difference is more about which is socially accepted.

    1. Brian, other people’s political views do affect us. Or maybe they affect everyone but you. Terribly sorry for wanting reproductive rights ;)

      1. Do my political beliefs really affect you? (Do you even know what my political beliefs are beyond some wild guesses based on stereotypes?) Would getting upset at me because I don’t agree with you help you achieve your political goals? Does frothing at the mouth at someone because they listen to Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore really help?

        That was my point. Politics do affect us, but an individual’s political leanings often don’t affect us personally.

    1. Combat isn’t the reason I play MMOs but not the sims, so it must be more than that.

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