More Beauty

Daniel Dociu, concept art god, had a presentation at the recent GDC.  Instead of doing bullet point powerpoint slides, he decided to blast a few retinas with some old and new concept art going by at warp speed for the Guild Wars series (including Guild Wars 2 concept art).  ArenaNet worked hard to push out a high-quality version of the video so people would be able to stop watching the cam versions.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “More Beauty”

  1. What a wonderful ten minutes! And the high romantic style music was perfect, and serious. I wonder if in GuildWars and hopefully GuildWars2 and other games we may have reached the nineteenth century ideal of the total artwork, Gesamtkunstwerk.

  2. Lovely.

    Not what I want to see, but I guess it will do.

    MUST HAVE MORE!!! (oh yea, and in-game please…pretty pictures bore me)

  3. That concept art had me at hello. AND I see several steampunk elements in the images which are more overt than any of the other AAA fantasy games I’ve played. Oh my, that alone will be enough for me to give it a try. With only the box purchased required to play it’s 100% that I’ll be buying a copy. I enjoyed GW but disliked the static instanced world that contained only you and your party. Fixing only that part would be enough to get a box purchase from me and they’re doing so much more.

    I do hope that they don’t change so much that the alienate their existing fan-base, EQ2 managed to do it successfully and has retained both games. But I fear an AC2 situation which ultimately broke my MMO lover’s heart when that game closed. *Crossing fingers, toes and eyes for GW2*

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