17 thoughts on “‘A’ for effort”

  1. Maybe if they actually used proper English, their attempt at phishing, might work out better for them. Sadly, I am sure there are those who fell for the trick. =( I hope you (or whoever screenshotted this) reported them.

  2. That looks exactly like the message I got a week or two ago. Right down to the improper spacing before and after every single comma and period. I specifically remember reading this message out loud to my fiance so we could laugh at it, and saying “in one hour, space, period, NO SPACE”

  3. Very true. If they took the time to really make it look official they would probably end up with a whole lot more accounts to hack.

    About two months ago I received the best battlenet website account phishing scam attempt. It looked so real. I didn’t fall for it, but I couldn’t even find anything that made it glaringly obvious it was a hack attempt.

  4. There’s a very good episode of “Ed Reardon’s Week” where he’s so irritated by the fractured English of a phishing attempt that he re-writes it and sends it back with further advice on the importance of getting the language just so.

    The apparent (and astonishing) inability of most of these scammers to find an amoral hack whose first language is English seems to be about the best protection we have.

    1. I think it’s purely down to being unwilling to pay for the services of an amoral hack, rather than being unable to find one; this isn’t exclusive to MMO scammers, of course – the phantom savings of having things translated by employees who can’t actually speak or write the target language (or even worse using a free online translator) has a wide appeal. And when this campaign fails to reach its intended goals, obviously the failure will be down to the incompetence and laziness of the workers for failing to spam the message out quickly enough, rather than the manager’s failure to ensure the scam is well-enough crafted to be believable, again showing that some truths are systemic and universal.

  5. In fairness to scammers, I have seen writing that bad from legitimate tech folk. And a nigh-illiterate school board president, but that’s just Detroit.

  6. Good thing you can’t click on links in game. Of all the people likely to fall for scams like these how many do you think will actually type in the hacker url correctly?

  7. I got that exact same message word for word tonight on my server though mine was from Blizznina.

    And having read it I almost feel like anyone who follows something that badly worded deserves what happens.

    And this is what buying gold funds,thanks for helping out Suzina.

  8. Is WoW a game, or is it the consummation of your earthly existence? Y’all had your chance to castigate Suzina, get over it already. Or, you know, whatever, continue to be whiny and passive-aggressive in the comments section of a blog. I’m sure you’ll somehow come out ahead in the end.

    Also, may I just say: rock on, Suzina, for having fun, and having the (figurative?) cojones to blog about it.

  9. Ahh ha ha, my husband got this exact spam the other day. We had a good laugh (after he reported it).

  10. I’ve recieved this very same /tell a few times over the last few weeks in WoW, I’ve also been getting a different type of gold seller spam /tell’s.
    This one starts out with a random person with a non-typical hacker/farmer name (i.e. not Ajdhsg level 1 orc warrior). This person sends a /tell saying simply “hey”. This is not an uncommon occurance for me in WoW so I answer with a “hello”.
    Once I answer they immediately send back the pitch, and it goes something like this “I was just wondering if you would be interested in purchasing gold today, we have lots avalable at randomgoldspam.com. If you don’t wish to purchase gold then I hope you have a nice day!” I’ve recieved this same tell a few times (reported each time), it’s just such a departure from the normal spam I thought I would pass it on when I read this post.

    1. Haven’t had that one yet, all the random people saying hey or hi are actually people that friended me long enough ago that their name doesn’t ring any bells. If that one persists it will get really annoying, I’d want to start auto-ignoring people that send me tells and miss legit ones.

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