Breaking Your Game’s Economy

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Following Tobold’s link to NanoStar Siege, one of the other games from that company is NanoTowns. There are a variety of these on Facebook, usually Farmville clones with a different graphics theme, although this one is interesting in that it does not have the standard formula of “click 20 times then wait 12 hours to harvest.” It instead is the sort of thing where you do a lot of clicking every five minutes, and you use the resources you gather to complete “quests” like “Could you get me some fries?” If you have a large enough city, you can presumably keep clicking indefinitely once it starts taking more than five minutes to go through your city.

nacho1 And then I bought a taco stand. I suspect there is decimal place error, because it costs less to make it NOW than to wait five minutes. Maybe they meant it to be 550. And it sells for 29% more than it costs to make it. If only the game had a multi-create or multi-sell, this would be an infinite money loop. As it is, it is a tediously long positive sum money loop that requires many many many clicks. There does not seem to be a limit to how many times you can click; you can see that I went as far as 70 wondering if it would stop.

nacho2 Oh, this isn’t good. You can start it up and then hurry the completion. Hurrying the completion gives you money back. The game is not really sure how to feel about that; it gives you the money then fails to hurry completion. You can then exit that window and re-hurry. Smaller profit, fewer clicks, two nigh-infinite money loops in one!

And if anything brings home the gameplay of the standard Facebook game, it is “tediously click here for as long as you like to watch your numbers increase.” Kind of like ProgressQuest without the “fire and forget” feature.

: Zubon

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