Guild Wars on the Front

The Dragon Festival is coming this holiday weekend in Guild Wars.  Massively has a pretty comprehensive overview of the whole thing.  I love that the re-occurring festival is actually a reenactment of the first one, where one of Abaddon’s generals, The Fury, tried to assassinate the Emperor during the Dragon Festival.  Now they hire actors to recreate the quests, and use large pinwheels to recreate rifts from beyond.  I have very little time to attend this year’s festivities, but you can bet I am going to get in my 25o Victory Tokens because this year’s mask is “is inspired by the great dragons of legend.” A Zhaitan mask would be pretty awesome.

With the aftershock of E3, there has not been much in the way of Guild Wars 2 news.  There was a pretty cool article for lore nerds, like me, about the alphabets of Tyria, and how they will be a larger lore puzzle than in Guild Wars 1.  I don’t know what we are getting this week, but we are promised an upcoming article on Guild Wars 2 extensive voice work.  Going to be interesting to see what they have to say above and beyond their voice actor video based on the trailers.

Otherwise, Guild Wars has been at the top of my gaming charts.  I have been happily assassinating the remnants of the mursaat race and various White Mantle allies in the War in Kryta updates.  We seem to be getting close to a culmination, and I am very interested to see where they take the Guild Wars Beyond campaign. I am also coming extremely close to beating all the missions in the Prophecies campaign on Hard Mode.  My goal is to hit 20 max titles by the time they announce the Halls of Monuments rewards for Guild Wars 2.  Going to be a tough one on my end though.

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5 thoughts on “Guild Wars on the Front”

  1. So many MMOs, so little time…

    I wonder why more MMO companies cannot follow Guild Wars form of MMO subscription. Pay for the initial box set and all expansions, but no monthly. Hell even Blizzard did it with Diablo II, so why can’t they allow history to repeat itself?

  2. I will probably gather enough tokens to get the mask. This time we get no celestial minipet, that is only during the chinese new year festival, right?

  3. Have been flirting with the idea of doing some maxed titles, but never go much further than a brief burst of activity. Going to prioritise Lightbringer and Ebon Vanguard rank, because they are still going to around in 250 years and playing significant parts in GW2. What I’m expecting is a costume as reward, say for example the ‘historic’ whispers robes, which would be nice actually. After that I’d do the protector and guardian titles, because some of those are challenging enough. Any other of the titles would consider too grindy, through have to do some vanquishing for the Lightbringer rank and that there is a slippery slope.

    Fairly new player so looking forward to the Dragon Festival it sounds like fun.

  4. I’ve never heard of this. I’ll have to check it out. I’ll have to put down WoW and play some GW seriously. Thanks for the great post.

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