Waking With A Dawn Over Enedwaith

Things have been a little slow since Dungeons and Dragons Online killed my computer.  I kid, a little.  I mean it was the game I was playing when my HP “gaming” laptop’s video card was reduced to short-circuited rubble. The game was not at fault because a simple Google search revealed that my laptop series had huge video card problems, and I was very lucky to have mine last so long.  I attribute it to judicious use of a separate laptop fan.  In the meantime I am waiting for a desktop; the first I’ve had in six years.  Anyway…

The NDA for Lord of the Ring’s big update has dropped.  I was not in beta (mostly by choice), so I am learning everything with the public.  I was accidentally leaked the fact about adding Lua scripting to the UI, and I pray we have some sort of Scrolling Combat Text mod up on Book release.  Thank you, devs, for listening.  The API for the mods is very, very limited so don’t expect anything on the order of World of Warcraft or GearScore.  Still, it is nice to give some more moddable access to a fanbase, which has infinite dev time by comparison.

There is so much to learn, like exceptional Captain updates, new bank usage, the freeish-to-play (F2P) system, the new zone Enedwaith, and so much more.  I am so far behind in information that I will have to severely piece meal it over the week.  Any Legendary Item changes? What’s available to purchase in the cash shop?  And so on.  

I clearly burnt out on Lord of the Rings Online early this year during a very stressful time in my life.  Now, with a new computer and a new game update, I feel it is time to ride in to the Enedwaithian dawn…. drunk…. on a new keg-carrying Inn League horse… with permanent drunk effect.

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4 thoughts on “Waking With A Dawn Over Enedwaith”

  1. I have one level left in WoW before I finish that game. Then it is on to LOTRO which I have been mostly avoiding for a while to re-energize my batteries for Middle-earth. I have not been following any of the new changes so I hope it brings some nice refreshment to the game.

  2. Check out the live Beta Roundtable podcast on Casual Stroll to Mordor tonight, if you’re interested — I think we’re going to be geeking out about a lot of the new stuff — should be fun. :)

    1. Thanks, Doyce (if that is your real name!)… I listen to CStM, except my computer fried so I have to download podcasts manually… sigh. It is definitely on my post-it note of lost podcasts. :)

  3. I guess I better check out the inn league horse, not sure how I missed it. Is it in the cash shop?

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