Guild Morning, Gamescom

I feel bad for ArenaNet that the leaked video was the first footage we saw of gamescom, but things have turned around quickly:

The necromancer is the next profession for Guild Wars 2, and from this video, my favorite Guild Wars 1 profession is looking pretty cool.  ArenaNet says we will get a more official release of the profession sometime later.  However, it looks like a necromancer builds up “life force” and then goes in to some kind of shadow form called “death shroud” with a new skill bar.  I am very interested to see more details on this profession.  Many more professional sites (with video) are popping up with gameplay impressions from the early press demos at gamescom.

The live stream of gamescom has also started!  I don’t know what events will play today because there is no Wednesday schedule on the NCSoft gamescom site.  However, in channel they are announcing the next upcoming presentations.  An Aion presentation is first up.

And of course, the moment I post this ArenaNet puts up a new blog post with thoughts from the animators.

For the most up to date information, I would check out this forum thread or the Guild Wars 2 Guru front page.


9 thoughts on “Guild Morning, Gamescom”

    1. With the inundation of GW1 already with consumables, adding pots does not seem like a big deal (as long as they stay out of PvP).

      1. wanted to know what you make of it, thanks :)

        There’s a slight chance it could be in there just for the demo or to make soloing more accessible.

        1. Also with events like The Shatterer, it could become an issue of endurance, which in GW1 or WoW or LOTRO where you have people solely responsible for replenishing health and power pots are not as necessary. Pots would give a way to keep the character more self-dependent and in the action.

          1. I suppose you’re right, but how would that play out in GvG if there are no pots there? Damage-wise a spike should be as intense as a boss event, so there’s bound to be the obligatory water attuned ele filling in for a healer, unless I’m underestimating the value of prot monks.

            I think some people seem to be put off by pots, because with f2p titles it’s a gold/timesink and it opens the possibility of premium item shop potions and the like. Still it’s not something to worry about with anet, as far as I can tell.

            Disclaimer: I’m new to the GW franchise so please forgive any ignorance of gw1 mechanics.

            1. Well first in GvG you will have to rely on your teammates. So this already lowers the need for pots. Second, with everything I’ve heard about PvP (which isn’t much yet), it sounds like it might be more like TF2 than current GW1 GvG. So you might die a lot in a PvP match…

              Hopefully we get a follow-up mext week discussing KTR quests and pots, and of course, the necromancer profession. :)

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