On Another Hand

If the store is buying and selling used games in quantity on the day they are released? Well, technically “fencing” is not the same as “stealing” but…

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “On Another Hand”

  1. This whole debate’s been kind of ridiculous. The right to re-sell one’s game has typically been part of the purchase price of the game; developers and publishers have no right to complain about it because that’s part of the product they sold me.

    Their response is to move to a model where they don’t sell you that right, or don’t sell it to you in full. PROBABLY the result of selling less product for the same price is that they’ll move less copies. PROBABLY the result will also be increased competition from publishers/developers who continue to explicitly grant resale rights. If the market is happy with that, I’m happy with that.

  2. If they sell me the game online as a download or similar I expect that I won’t be able to resell it easily. If they sell me the game in a box, I expect to be able to treat it as any other object I buy, but I expect it to be more easily backed up than e.g. my couch.

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