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Our friends at Stardock would like us to mention that they just added Master of Orion II to their online store, $6 and it comes with the original MOO. [Update: Good Old Games has had the same deal for a while.] I am not sure what a steal that is, because 14- and 17-year-old games are pretty solidly bargain bin fodder, but I would still put their gameplay against most games made today. The graphics are a bit dated.

I think I am passing this along mostly so that I can contemplate how overpowered Creative was at almost any cost. Mmmm, peaceful customized Psilons, quietly completing the tech tree while other races waste their resources on squabbling.

: Zubon

I have too many packs of older games to try. I also have all three MOOs already.

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  1. Mmm… Creative. All of my custom races have that. Telepathic is fun, too, once it comes to taking over colonies.

    I still have my MoO1 and 2 CDs, so it’s unlikely I’ll need these (and you get the same deal from GOG.com), but I’m glad that they are keeping the games alive. If my CDs die, I’ll have somewhere else to turn to beside eBay.

    I do fire up MoO2 every once in a while. The gameplay does compare very favorably to anything that followed it.

  2. Just to note, Good Old Games has been selling the MoO bundle for quite a while now at the same price.

    Now that Stardock has offered it, one can buy it via Impulse as an alternative too.

    Edit: I see I am fairly blind and didn’t see Tesh mentioning that too. :)

  3. “Our friends at Stardock” eh?

    I prefer to order via Good old Games (gog.com)
    You get both MoO 1 and MoO 2 for only $5.99

    I applaud Stardock for trying to compete with Steam with it’s Impulse product, because competition is good.

      1. GoG has Shiny games… they were on my top list for older games, so the moment they dropped… I felt the disturbance in the net. :)

    1. Tch. How can one claim old gamer fart credentials without having heard of GoG.com? :P

      Now you have reached enlightenment!

  4. It’s also worth noting that if you buy from GoG you get your games DRM-free, working on modern systems, and with technical support (unlike buying from Impulse, which offers none of these things). Plus GoG is pretty good about hunting down shinies (avatars, manuals, soundtracks, bonus discs) and including them.

  5. long time listener, first time caller…

    I got the MoO bundle from stardock yesterday. It even runs problem free on my win7 machine as the bundle includes (and is already setup to use) DosBox. Yay for Creative.

  6. I’d just like to put out a small PSA and say that if for whatever (stupid) reasons you never got to try MoO2, go ahead and get this. Now. Don’t delay. Now.

    It should be required playing.

    1. Seconded. I’d throw X-Com and Master of Magic in there, too. Ah, the Microprose days.

      Forget the halcyon days of vanilla WoW, those were the golden days of gaming, when Microprose were the golden boys.

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