On the Excessive Use of Press Releases

I just received an e-mail announcing the hiring a customer service representative. She brought cookies to the interview. That was the entire content of the press release.

: Zubon

If this needs comment beyond “WTF,” I leave it to you.

13 thoughts on “On the Excessive Use of Press Releases”

  1. On the Excessive Use of Blog Post Releases? =)

    I think this “Press Release” should be a Tweet… max, what game or company is it from anyway?

    1. Can she, though? It wasn’t specified if the cookies were any good. They might still be sitting there because they’re nasty.

      When are we gonna get an update on that?

      1. They hired her, obviously the cookies were good.

        She is a woman, what other skills could she possibly bring to the workplace?

        Oh well maybe she is cleaning.

        Yea, we need to know if the cookies were good or not, otherwise her role as a CSR is somewhat unclear.

  2. Is a blog post about it really the best way to combat excessive spam? They’re probably typing up a press release about the excessive posting of low content blog posts.

    Mind you commenting spuriously on a spurious blog post about a spurious press release means it really is time I went to bed.

    NN all.

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