I had enough positive recommendations for Minecraft to buy it with little more research than “it is Lego on crack with zombies that try to eat you at night.” Digging has been surprisingly entertaining, although I was excessively distracted by marking my tunnel entrance with a landmark that became a sky-shattering obelisk.

I will soon be comfortable enough to go visit others. Do y’all recommend any servers, communities, etc.? I am unfamiliar with the customs of this corner of the online world, so I would hate to find my play considered defacement of someone’s world. (I am still debating emigrating from my home TF2 server.)

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  1. There’s a bunch of servers you can go and just look around in – eg, Penny Arcade’s forums have a really big public backup world that’s usually about 2hrs behind the private build. They’re building the Bioshock locations, as well as a bunch of other amazing bits and bobs.

    As for communities, most I’ve seen are either forumgoers teaming up, or RL friends getting a server. messing about with RL friends is pretty awesome, I’m currently building minecart lines between everyones’ different locations.

    Be aware that there’s a schism between the people who treat Alpha as a updated Creative – ie, they’re happy to admin-grant you any blocks you need – and the people who want to mine everything by hand, etc. I’ve accidentally tripped over a few of both those sides.

    Most aren’t hostile about it, but there’s a few places where “omg, that [big creation] sucks because you admin-granted the blocks you needed!” seems to be the attitude.

  2. Scopique is right. Myself and a few other bloggers/podcasting types I know (and some I don’t) call BlueKae’s server home. His website is here: http://bluekae.com/ and he’s got some (ridiculously large) maps of the world rendered out.

    As Telke mentioned, different servers have different cultures. In Bluekaedia we mine for everything we have. If you harvest a tree you need to replant it (we’re running a bit of a shortage), and minecarts/tracks are discouraged because they tend to make things lag.

    Other than that, it’s a whitelist server, meaning you can come by and look around but you need admin permission to be able to build. Blue is pretty responsive if you catch him on twitter or the blog. :)

  3. I haven’t made the jump to MP yet either but am interested in doing so. Question on how it works – if I make a box to store things in, is it a community box, or is there ‘ownership’ ?

    1. As near as I can tell, boxes are open to anyone. I’m not sure if it’s restricted to only those with building privileges, though.

      I look at it like EVE; don’t store anything that you can’t afford to lose. ;)

    2. In vanilla MP boxes are public. There are some mods people have made to allow for more security. With small servers, it’s not something you should have to worry about though.

  4. You’re welcome to come over an visit. Anyone with a Minecraft username can hop in and look around (but can’t build). Just put minecraft.bluekae.com in the IP address field.

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