Poker Night at the Inventory

This is a fair enough review that I do not feel the need to comment further.

Poker Night at The Inventory is basically a game which simulates playing poker with people you don’t like (if you do like them then the game will change that) and who aren’t very good at cards. … the AI is as erratic and foolish as you’d expect 3/4s of the characters to be…a fact proven every time you see one of them go ‘all in’ on a pair of twos or fluking hands on the river.

Valve has a brilliant little promotion going right now, kind of like the Kongregate badges I often mention when I try the game of the week, except they are selling the games. At a few bucks (plus some TF2 items), Poker Night at the Inventory seemed like a small risk. It’s just not a very good game, and I imagine it is worse if you like poker more than I do.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Poker Night at the Inventory”

  1. Although I agree with a few of your points, I really enjoyed the game. I was a little pissed off at the fact that you can’t play against your friends, or that the rules differ from the ‘Straight Poker’ that I know and love, but I got the hang of it eventually and still got a very good play out of it, even after getting all the bonus TF2 crap.

  2. Thanks for link. I hadn’t heard of of Bit-Tech before. Nice readin.

    Steam has this game and a bunch a few others on sale for less than $3, atm…As someone who still loves TF2 I had to buy it.

    I mean the Demoman shades alone…

    1. I wonder how much that new hat something like Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Measure is going to go for on the market. That is a feather in any TF2 player’s cap. Valve is genius.

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