[GW2] Guardian Profession on the Way

PC Gamer created a bit of a hubbub within a multi-page article discussing the biggest PC games coming in 2011. Apparently they leaked the name of the fifth profession: the Guardian. I mean they were allowed to leak it by ArenaNet, but it was a very tricky maneuver by all parties. So the Guardian name was pretty much all but confirmed. Still, the community managers gave us a great gift by telling us that the official reveal will be next Thursday (January 27, 2011).

I love that ArenaNet is putting so much faith in the community by letting people know when an information dump is coming.  Says a lot, in my opinion. Going to be cool to see the second and last, what is assumed to be, soldier profession.


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  1. Definitely can’t wait to see more about the guardian. From what I can see of the warrior, I’m leaning towards it as my first char but, let’s see what they have on Thursday :).

  2. I hope that’s melee buff/support with positional heals coming, it’s an underutilized class niche and also one of my favorite roles to play.

    Additional flexibility to spec more tank-y or dps-y would just make me drool. Not to mention leave me with a serious problem of deciding which class to go for first.

  3. But… if there are only 2 combat classes, what does this mean for a revamped assassin class?

    1. Soldier classes are theoretically the heavy armor wearers, while adventurers are the leather armor wearers (like an assassin or melee ranger), and scholars are the classes in light/cloth armor.

  4. I have to admit being a little disappointed. Guard– er, BML was probably the least exciting profession to get revealed – we’d already seen Logan and some of his basic ability types, and it’s easy to imagine how “plate wearing support guy” works in GW2’s system.

    In contrast both the “rogue like” profession and the mesmer have huge question marks over their heads, in terms of just how they will work in GW2. I was much more excited for one of them…

    Ah well, Guard– er, BML should be fun. Assuming it is a sort of melee version of the water elementalist – with melee attacks that heal allies and such – it’s likely to wind up in my stable of characters.

    Lastly, I’m a bit disappointed by the name. Guardian is just sort of… blah. I shall keep the memory of “BML” alive. :)

  5. More likely the Guardian profession will have a Paragon flavor to it considering Logan’s ancestor Kieran became a Paragon when he assumed leadership of the Ebon Vanguard.

    Party buffs would be interesting to look at in the context of cross-profession combos GW2 has.

    GW2 is still a ways away from being released so the name “Guardian” might change too.

  6. I’m not sure how “Guardian” is any worse than any of the other class names (like, say, “Warrior”). They’re all rather generic.

    It’s not the name that counts, but how the class plays.

  7. Based on Edge of Destiny, remaining will be the Guardian (Logan, thank ANet!), a rogue/assassin (Caithe), mesmer (Queen Jennah), and engineer/golemancer (Snaff). So much for reveals, its all in the book. :)

    A Necromancer was in the first book, then we have Elementalist (Zojja), Ranger (Eir), and Warrior (Rytlock).

    Any remaining classes I left out?

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