Bloggers & Breakfast at PAX East!

Going to PAX East? Want to meet celebrities, legendary developers, and be waited hand and foot on by the Cookie Brigade? Me too! Sadly, those doors don’t open until 10 AM on a sweet Saturday in March. (Possibly some of those doors are closing for me right now too.) But, if you want to meet some awesome bloggers, Syp, at BioBreak, and I are hoping you’ll come join us for a relaxing meet’n’greet at 8:00am through 9:30ish on Saturday, March 12th at Flour Bakery + Cafe at Fort Point. Head on over to the signup post at BioBreak to let us know if you are coming.


7 thoughts on “Bloggers & Breakfast at PAX East!”

  1. Dude 8am? What self-respecting gamer gets up before 10am on Saturday?

    I’ll be at PAX all weekend, but no way in hell am I waking up that early.

      1. Yea I think as it draws closer we (blog people) will have to set something up at ‘normal’ hours. I know last year I got some emails about meet-ups and such.

  2. It is really bad staying in a country like South Africa when you love gaming…. all the brilliant Expos and stuff happens in USA or Europe…. which I would love to be a part of but sadly not. Maybe someday i can visit one of the expos! keep your fingers crossed!

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