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Inertia is the inclination of moving objects to keep moving, and for stationary objects to stay put. Once you get going in EVE, it’s easy to keep going. The skill queue charts your course, you have your market ops and your research and the ongoing political situation with your allies and enemies, and it’s just easy to keep moving in that space.

But should you stop — your skill queue empties out and you forget what you were training to do, nobody in game remembers you anymore, your research seems pointless and you are no longer connected to the game.

It applies generally.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Week”

  1. That quote is kinda sad. Like I imagine Tipa happily rolling alone – inertialised and all – and then slowly coming to a halt, looking around, and not really knowing where they are. Like a lost puppy.

    EVE has always struck me as a very complex game, one that would take a fair amount of investment to really get to grips with.

  2. That’s because EVE really isn’t fun due to gameplay. It’s driven by inertia when you are in a corp, kind of like working in a job. You punch the clock, do your daily quota to make for the corp, notice the PvPers want to roam so you join them, and your play session for the day is done.

    When you are by yourself, you see more keenly that the game sucks. You don’t have the social pressures to keep you going, so things like mining or pvp are dull as hell.

    Same thing with endgame raiding. It’s not like a bowling league where the social aspect is there and you are also testing your own limits, its more show up, punch a clock, grind an instance or two, collect shinies.

    The cynic in me suggests that we might see the genre start to contract due to this. I know myself I have no desire anymore to due to rote gameplay just due to guild pressures.

      1. no, because the genre is a lot more than endgame and eve-level PvE. It used to be that the journey up to cap was a lot more fun, and wasn’t considered a prelude to running endgame raids.

        Now its just solo to cap so we can stick you into little instances which will bore you to tears the fifth time you complete them.

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