This is Ethic’s site. Because I have the most posts, my name is above his on the list to the right, so I am the one who gets many of the e-mails from people who want to pay us $2/month to post flash ads for their casinos. But if you look at our traffic, we are mostly Ravious’s Guild Wars 2 news site.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Where else would I go to find out how many people are interested in cybercat atitd?

  2. I’m actually finding it a little difficult to grasp the tone of this post. The last line feels a bit begrudging, am I misinterpreting?

    1. I believe Zubon was invoking irony in the fact that his name being first does not mean:

      1. That it’s his site – it’s actually Ethic’s.

      2. That he gets the most hits – that’s actually Ravious.

      This is a failure of modern advertising in general (IMO.) Too many people make assumptions in the ad business.

  3. Could put the Author Archives section in alphabetical order instead. Then Ethic would be first and get all the emails.

  4. I can’t even remember why I originally subscribed. And I couldn’t care less for GW or GW2. I’m still with you, so you must be doing something right. All of you posting here, actually :)

  5. Now I feel bad about finding this site through guru. I do read some other game articles, but not regularly… That’ll change from now on, I promise! Forgive me! : )

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