In February 2009, I had never played an MMO and had never listened to a podcast. I’d made a living as a technical writer for about 20 years, but freelance work had dried up in the plunging economy. I was a 39 year-old former junkie for fantasy and sci-fi literature stuffed into the stale mold of soccer mom. Except I was driving a 1996 Saturn and sporting ripped cuticles instead of a shiny SUV and weekly manicures.

But I wasn’t bitter or anything.

Now, I subscribe to three MMOs: Wizard101, WoW, and LotRO, and I’ve dabbled in countless others. And I’m on four gaming podcasts, but those are irrelevant here on Kill Ten Rats. Because I came to KTR on bended knee asking to write about my first MMO, Wizard101.

I still drive the 1996 Saturn, sporting ripped cuticles as I grip the steering wheel, to tote my uber-son about town. Said uber-son introduced me to Wizard101,  showed me how to use WASD, and has been my biggest cheerleader every step of the way as I pursued projects related to gaming.

To be sure, I’m still bitter and full of snark. But life has become infinitely more tasty since I ventured into MMOs. Becoming part of KTR feels like extra sprinkles on my whipped cream. I hope you enjoy my contributions to the site as much as I enjoy writing them.

11 thoughts on “/Curtsey”

  1. I’m really looking forward to reading more about Wizard101. I’ve been away for quite a while but I did enjoy my time there.

  2. Welcome! W101 is a great game that Mrs Bhagpuss and I very much enjoyed while we played it and to which we always mean to return some day. Looking forward to hearing more about what’s going on there nowadays.

  3. Welcome Perdideaux, looking forward to reading your W101 posts. Is your name a reference to Mieville’s book’s by any chance? Could you be hinting at a darker side than is at first apparent from the warm fuzziness of W101?

    1. Dear me no…I wish it was something requiring such intricate thought. It’s the name of my hobbit hunter in LotRO. I love her so!

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