Apparently On Break

Noticing that I was on my 3rd or 4th flash game of the weekend, I concluded that I was probably about done with The Lord of the Rings Online™ for a while. I lack that urge to log in and play, and I wonder if I would have made it this far without the motivation of an alt. That alt is at 58.95 or so, just about through Moria except that her epic book is starting 2.5.5, which is rather good these days what with the new skirmishes. Highly enjoyable and recommended, although the 21st Hall was the least exciting of the three. This is also the point at which I burned out the last time I used an alt to keep me going in-game: I finished pushing that Minstrel to 60 and have rarely taken him outside the 21st Hall since.

I won one of the lotteries from this week, but the prize never arrived in the character’s mail. Then I did not feel like bothering to pursue it. Then I realized that I must really be ready for a break.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Apparently On Break”

  1. After levelling my Warden to 65 I also decided to take a break. I guess the new dungeons came a little too late to make a difference for me.

  2. I do find the difference of approach between those who play a “main” and “alts” and myself and Mrs Bhagpuss, who just play characters, eternally surprising.

    I absolutely, literally could not tell you which character in any MMO I have ever played was my “Main”. Back in the days when I joined guilds it used to cause a lot of arguments because I didn’t even understand what they meant when they asked “but who’s your main?” Well, whichever character I’m currently logged in as, DUH!

    Perversely, LotRO is one of the MMOs where I have the fewest characters. From memory, I believe you were only allowed four or five at the time I played regularly, and restrictions on the number of characters you can make is one thing that tends to inhibit me from making them willy-nilly. It also tends to make me stop playing that game and find one less restrictive.

    I wish I could find time to play more LotRO, though. I thought I’d be playign it quite a bit once it went Free-to-Play, but the timing of the delayed EU launch put it into conflict with many other, newer, shinier options and I haven’t had the chance. So I guess I’m on a rather extended break too!

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