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It seems the Monday blues have destroyed any creativity for a full-on, introspective, analytical blog post. Instead I’ll just bait everybody with random thoughts I had over the weekend.

I hit level 44 in Rift with my mage. Things were starting to seriously turn gray as I plodded through the end of Moonshade Highlands and the Droughtlands. The population was just not enough to sustain the interesting activities incurred by the dynamic content. Thankfully, I just started on Iron Pine Peak, and my first foray into the zone was a well-attended zone-wide event. I am hoping things pick up again now that I am back in a higher population level range.

Slivers in Rift’s upcoming 1.2 patch seem neat, but they are not dynamic content. They are phased content only viewable by people that have participated in enough dynamic content to purchase the goggles. The first sliver is a 10-man raid. I like the premise that slivers are pieces of alternate realities where the players make things right. I hope they consider 3-man slivers.

The Guild Wars 2 Ambassador contest is pretty awesome where players submit a 1-minute video for a chance to visit ArenaNet, but I just don’t have time to participate due to real life occurrences. I definitely could create a 1-minute video blog, such as the one ArenaNet provided as an example. Yet, my creative juices are far too fast flowing to allow it. If I had time and skills, I would re-edit Colin Johansen to portray him as an anonymous whistleblower ashamed of “swinging a sword again.” Then he finds the light in Guild Wars 2. Good luck to all those entering! I have seen some pretty creative stuff so far.

An interesting problem in Guild Wars came to light during the latest monthly automated tournament. It seems that through various means, including sending random links to observer mode viewers, some people are amassing IP addresses of PvP players. Then during critical GvG matches, a DDOS attack will target some of the opponents causing them to stall out. As Guild Wars GvG is based heavily on a tight web of protection even a couple second stall on a monk could mean a loss. The interesting part is that while this is against the rules and license of Guild Wars, the critical part occurs outside of ArenaNet’s bounds. The remaining PvP community is way ahead of me with solutions ranging from the obvious don’t-click-on-random-links to refreshing the IP prior to a match.

I am also getting back into working on getting to 40 points in the Hall of Monuments. I am two hero armors away from 38 points, and then I am going to work on getting a tormented weapon and 2 more oppressor weapons. Hopefully this will happen from the sale of massive amounts of alcohol I’ve accrued through the years. That will give me a completed Devotion (50 miniatures), Fellowship (hero armors and rare pets), and Valor (weapons) to my name. The rest of any “low”-hanging fruit will be in Honor (titles) as my remaining 3 Resilience points are pretty much cost prohibitive. I am starting to think I won’t be able to hit 45 points, which is okay.

Finally, I have been watching some of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (“TOR”) demo reviews come in. It seems that BioWare had some sort of big press junket, where sadly Kill Ten Rats was not invited. The few demo reviews I’ve seen so far have been honest and mostly good. It’s important to frame the feedback in that except for the personal story part it’s very much a conventional MMO complete with subscription fee. The criticisms seem mostly aimed at not breaking away from the old ways. Skill rotations, the holy trinity, and mob respawns (i.e., there will always be ten womp rats to kill) seem to be the biggest complaints while most people are happy, if not confused, with the story parts. The confusion mostly seems to come from figuring out how exactly to play with other people in such a personalized story. PCGamer stamped a “coming in Fall” in their article so it is possible a larger beta will occur this summer.


4 thoughts on “Post Weekend Release”

  1. Right now, Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach seem to be the emptiest zones, then followed by Moonshade. But, when Iron Pine gets rolling, it is mass crazy.

    Stillmoor is the heaviest zone though.

    It is like the bottom and the top of rift is heavy, and the middle is light for player pops.

    Time hopefully will change this.

  2. I wish I had put more time into Guild Wars. I didn’t play as much as I would have liked too. Now I’m stuck with a pitiful amount of points and awaiting Guild Wars 2. I have tried to jump back into Guild Wars but I find it difficult. People are at a way higher skill level then me and I am not invited into many missions etc. Well I guess I will have to start fresh with Guild Wars 2. First thing I will do on release, make all of my characters. I know there will be some sort of birthday presents and I want the max every year until Guild Wars 3 :}

  3. I was following SWTOR very closely (in addition to GW2) for awhile, but they kinda lost me a bit when they made it possible for Boba Fett to spec as a field medic. (I mean seriously… wtf?!?)

    I’m undecided still about whether I’ll pick up the game just to play it in ‘single player’ mode to enjoy some Bioware storylines and then put it aside before having to invest much more in sub. Depending on the timing of releases, I may simply satisfy my Sci-Fi itch with some FireFall scratching, and devote the majority of my time to the second coming of GW.

  4. Well – if you want to sell your booze to me, Ravious, I’d be more than willing to take it off your hands!

    I don’t have internet access atm, but with all the stuff happening (Anniversary updates, GW2 Ambassadors, DDOS attacks) MAN ALIVE its been hard to catch up.

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