Issue 20.5

City of Heroes has added an update between updates. They are really building up that endgame, adding more trials and toys to the Incarnate system. If you are an Achiever, there is an increasing amount there for you, including Incarnate-only cosmetic armor with huge, glowing shoulderpads to provoke WoW-player envy.

But I would instead like to highlight one of the best quality of life improvements ever: AE buffing. CoX has four support sets with two castable shields (Cold Domination, Force Fields, Sonic Resonance, and Thermal Radiation) and then the pair of Kinetics buffs. You could spend a LOT of your time buffing and re-buffing, and I did in my day. Now you can hit two buttons and buff the team (plus any innocent bystanders). Note that this gives Kinetics an AE CC-breaker with Increase Density, moving that power from “marginal in many builds” to “omg!”

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Issue 20.5”

    1. Noooooooo!!!

      OTOH, that ability to turn off receiving the +Run in Speed Boost is NICE. Having played 150+ levels of Kinetics characters, I have wanted to choke many who turned down Speed Boost. No more excuse!

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